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    Default A moment of happiness...

    Wohoooo-hoooooo ITALY reached the final match in world cup :bouncy::flip::bouncy::flip:

    2-0 Italy-Germany...

    well... nothing more to say... just happy :D

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    Way to go Italy.

    I was however pulling for Germany. Oh well. :D

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    Been an Australian by birth got to say I was hoping they\'d get beat after their 93rd minute theatrics saw my team exit.
    However if they win the cup now at least we can say we were beat by the champions......
    congrats to all italian football fans who need this result in the times they are having

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    I was hoping Italy got beat. Did they have 12 players on the field again. I bet they won by penalty shot in the last minute.

    Just kidding Congrats to Italy (you lucky stiffs @@@@@@)

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    DAMMIT! NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    Good job Italy.:(

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    Damn, 120 minutes of nothing, and then Italy scores two goals in the last minute!

    I was rooting for Germany though :(

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    It was a pretty awesome match :wow: Fantastic play by both sides, altough Germany probably deserved to win.... great job Italy :)

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    Congrats Tony, Spaghetti with two meatballs beats sauerkraut with no frankfurters. Cheers.

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    Yeah...I caught the part of the replay last night without knowing the score...

    nil-nil in the 2nd OT period....Then it seemed like a scoring fest....

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    Yes. Italy-france final, and although I am rooting for france, because of them having thierry henry, italy will probably win.
    My order in places is:
    1. Italy

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