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    Default ELdar /Nid Diorama

    hi folks been very busy but i managed to do part of a diorama for a comission im working on...

    heres a teaser...

    its a eldar beacon contaminated with a nid plant called centinide... much better and detailed pictures on http://buglands.moonfruit.com/
    go to commission work page.

    now with terrain done im going to add a mutated nid warrior and a special eldar...

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    Wow, Nav, thats really looking superb:D

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    oohmy.... :drool::drool::drool::drool:

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    Holy ..! Nice, is the base there just chunks of cork?

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    thanks guys:)

    Brown stuff is indeed cork but white is plasticard... first time to use plasticard and i will never forget how frustating is to cut&shape and make hexagonal texture in such thick sheet:|~ But its finished:D

    Oh and green bits are greenstuff... black base its cd plastic box and for nid plants internal structure i used fimo since its much more cheap than full GS

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    excellent! keep us posted

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    Great work, the detail is incredible

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    Nice start. Can\'t wait for the paint-job.

    edited: Cool looking site too. ;)

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    SoulFire here dude. ;)

    Plasticard is easy to use when you get the hang of it. That and a very sharp blade are essential. :)

    There\'s probably some plasticard with that texture already, but as usual it\'s hard to get around here.

    And as I already said, good work! :beer:

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    Awesome ! Your really talented... your client must be very very happy :D

    Great job! Can\'t wait to see the minis :D

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    so far client feedback his positive:) initaly this was only to be little display base for minis but then evolved to a diorama

    glad to see you here soulfire... yeah plasticard its hard to get here but nothing that a screwdriver and lots of scratching cant solve...

    Soon nid warrior.:beer: thanks guys.:cool:

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    Hey, it\'s Navarro! :D Nice to see you back here, and nice to see your work too of course :) Truly awesome. You are a really talented sculptor!

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    woww navarro very impresive work.

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    gorgeous.......A lot more how I envision eldar structures than the simpler ones we usually see....looking forward to seeing more

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    thanks folks:beer:

    @demonherald i agree eldar stuff from GW always looked not ornamented so not really reflecting eldar sensibility or style, i have always imagined a mix of nouveau art with hitec eldar structures for them and im glad i had the oportunity to sculpt something in those lines.

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    Cool - I like those \'Nid plants - are they anything like the huge stabby plants from the original half life...?

    (The level with the rocket engine)

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    Originally posted by DaN
    Cool - I like those \'Nid plants - are they anything like the huge stabby plants from the original half life...?

    (The level with the rocket engine)

    I took ideas after i saw a video of a giant centipede eating a rat... blended it with forgeworld capilary towers concepts and the centinide plant was born

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