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    Default tidoco\'s WIP\'s

    I tohught that seeing how one or two other members have their own WIP thread now that I would follow suit. I had a mare with my last project Varghar and that has now been consigned to the bin, so I have started this chap

    GW\'s High Elf hero, I wanted to go away from the usual white and blue for elves and so went for a yellow undergarment, also as usual true metals on this one. Having seen Darren Latham\'s version in nmm, there is no way I am going to try it myself as it would be very inferior indeed. Hopefully I\'ll get another WIP up tomorrow of the progression.

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    The colour choices seem really great Tim. As for the metals, there is no need to comment, they\'ll turn out perfect as usual. Keep posting!

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    amazing metals as always my friend ^^

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    Thanks for the replies guys, as promised here is an update to the Elf,

    It is progressing well now, I haven\'t decided on a colour for the inside of the cloak yet but I am sure something will click into place soon.

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    Great job as usual Tim....

    love to watch the progress.

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    This is a very nice mini for you to work on. Nice.

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    I love the purple and the yellow, they play off each outher very nicely. Love the metal\'s as well. :D

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    Really nice so far, great colours, and the technique is superb, I\'m very interested in what colour you use now for the cloak, as I think that will make or break this one, But that yellow and purple really work together so far, good luck:D

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    Looking good, planning on doing any freehand on the shield?

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    Thanks guys, yes there will be freehand on the shield, I haven\'t decided on a design yet but I will be attempting something. The inside of the cloak I have done grey, I have added a freehand edge as well in black I was going to colour it but I might leave it as the black realy stands out well against it. I have work tomorrow but hopefully I can post something on Sunday.

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    how do you paint your metallics all of mine look manky


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    It looks like boltgun metal highlighted with mithril silver, Citadel inks

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    Yes the metal is indeed Boltgun Metal, then I used Chainmail Boltgun 50/50 mix, then Chainmail and then Mithril Silver. I then washed the recesses with thinned down Chaos Black paint to redo the shadows.
    Well despite the temparatures I have managed to get some more done to the Elf I have got to a stage now where I need to paint the cloak, the question is what colour and that is now my sticking point and threatens to slow this to a standstill.

    any thoughts?

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    Looking good, Tim

    Quality metal painting, as always.

    One thing; you can\'t beat a good upturned 35mm film cannister.....well that what it looks like...

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    very nice you are the master of metallics:D


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    Looking reat Tim hope it turns out well ;)

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    awesome as allways Tim, but the sword handle looks a little black on some places, but as this is still a WIP, it should be perfect when you finish this.

    Purple for the cloak would make a nice contrast, but would still fit with it

    How are you going to do the base?


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