Help with Hordes decision...please
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Thread: Help with Hordes decision...please

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    Default Help with Hordes decision...please

    Hi Guys I am just about to order some hordes stuff.
    My problem is I usually have a good look through the rules before buying something for a new system..
    However the fact that I have some friends coming to play in September and I haven\'t much time beforehand I need to order my models and book at the same time..
    So was wondering do you guys have any suggestions on what I should get for starting out..
    I quite like the look of the trollbloods fun models but am open to any suggestions as to be honest I like the full range of hordes stuff...

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    erm.. get them all :rolleyes:

    don\'t really know what to say here. they are all fun and seem be evenly balanced with each other.

    i got trolls and legion. might get some woldwardens for a baldur army.

    unless you have a tactical style preference i can\'t really help. get a cuddly faction. lol

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    trolls are a good army i have played against using my cygnar the basic pack with the optional warlock and diretroll are tough buggers

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