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    This is a WIP of a Tau escape pod for ethereals to be evacuated from orbiting ships if the need arises

    [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0UwAZA0UaqWbYUWg0iCZoJHSMzqp0XTziYgh7sDgZ0C2PKkm0H fGbj4ZcuqQ!OKOXh5v6i1b7WNCPvZFKTJnFdMPQJu6C9kzk!I7 IHqCtmojl2q9OO0wrO!fw3s33qk5*/Drop%20side.jpg[/img]

    The grey bits on the side are supposed to represent areas where bits are blown off during the descent to try and confuse/distract enemy Radar or similar and try and ensure a safe(ish) landing.


    PS. I know it needs cleaning up, I just havent got around to it yet, but do ppl like the general idea?

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    the idea is nice but i find it too dirty to be tauish, it looks more belonging to imperial guard :)

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    I agree with Tony it looks to dirty, and I think too square, when you look at tau technology it is full of curves.

    I would imagine their escape pods looking more like eggs.

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    yeah nice idea, but definitely needs to be more curvy to be a Tau pod
    look at their vehicles & equipment and you\'ll get the idea

    most prototypes are nothing like the finished item ;) convert this one to IG and develop the design further to make a Tau one :cool:

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    Exactly what everyone else said- Tau technology IMHO has an almost organic feel to it what with all them curves.

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    yeah its a bit angular something like an egg would be better.

    but slightly stronger


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    here is the escape pod in its Imperial form. It needs the name of the ship it was ejected from on the front, and a few other details, but its basically finished.

    [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XwARAyke58hgyvfiHiWzoFntNMQNLoxmnc1k1o7KLGpx0qInU *xQkD4!wtPnP!e7rcqClqr!EtR6hmgPVKrfkyGANFQ*lb8jGfR axV9PFEgPh8wv49CAaRF78KhxwewNL3Mtlo1jT4c/Escape%20pod%20together.jpg[/img]

    any thoughts?

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