emopainterguy\'s WIP (updated 2-2-2007)
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Thread: emopainterguy\'s WIP (updated 2-2-2007)

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    Default emopainterguy\'s WIP (updated 2-2-2007)

    Haven\'t posted for a long time. Some of you may have seen this on WOM but I figured why not post here.

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    looking good

    whats that on the cadian arm did he sneeze!!lol


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    lol... Some one pointed out the green earlier on WOM, I swear it\'s not there in real life. I\'ve repainted that area just to be sure anyways, but I think it was just the photo/lighting.

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    I like the halfling, the face is so full of life. The IG is very nice as well, looks like the brown may need some highlights. The last guy is hard to see, as the picture is dark. looking forward to seeing more updates.

    Jeremy :cool:

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    That halfling is brilliant

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    Nice work the halfling face and sword are cool.

    Looking forward to seeing the justicar progress....Unusual to start with the base...
    good luck

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    I cant wait to see how the GK turns out!

    Nice work on the sword of the first miniature! :D

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    Excellent stuff! That halfling looks to be a half-wit though...I just love him.

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    Yup the halfling looks great, looks like hes had a couple :beer:

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    Really bad photo, but it shows what I\'ve done.

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    Haven\'t posted in a while, figured I\'d bring this back. Got a camera for christmas so I\'ll be taking more pictures when I get the chance. Right now I\'m putting most of my effort into my librarian:

    Here\'s the \"finished\" halfling:

    I don\'t think i\'ve done much painting on anything else lately. Too much going on with university and what not. I haven\'t touched the grey knight justicar since I took that photo, and I think I\'m going to rebase him soon (very similar design just a little different).

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    Nice halfling!. Nice marine conversion too!

    Merry Christmas! :beer:

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    Thanks for the comment Darkart, the marine is going to be for an upcoming competition iat the end of January, and the halfling was for a competition this summer.
    Taking a break from the marine to work on a present for a cousin. He plays tomb kings and I like painting and converting models to stand out in his army. This one is stock (no conversions) but its somewhat old and not really common to my knowledge. As far as I know he comes from a set of wizards that Games Workshop released some time ago... The halfling came from the same set. I had originally thought it was from talisman but I was told that it wasn\'t. Anyways here\'s my progress:

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    I like the mini man..very sinister looking. Is he a halfing wizard from GW?

    Very Smooth paintjob so far, espceially the bone cape, is any freehand going to be applied? also How did you paint the bone robes?

    Silax out

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    The wizard in blue and bone is a GW khemri priest (human sized) I believe, and the face can also be painted flesh (I just felt that a gold death mask was better suited as it is intended to be a liche priest)... No idea how you can get a hold of him though. I got him and several others from GW when my store was doing painting lessons.

    The cape is not very difficult. Several watered down layers of Kommando Khaki (KK) as a base coat. Once you have an even coat mix 50/50 Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone. water it down enough to make it transparent (this takes a little practice to get right, I only use water but I\'m sure other fancier products could be added as well). Apply this as the first set of highlights, you wont notice it at first as its mostly transparent, but after several layers it starts to really show up (and you get fairly smooth transitions without having to \"blend\" paints). Do this to brighten about 80% of the material that you want to be highlighted. Ater that take pure Bleached Bone, water it down as you did the mix before (so its transparent), and apply it the same way as before, this time try to cover about 60% of the previously highlighted area (and dont worry about going over as the paint wont really show if its just one layer). If you feel like adding more mix 80/20 Bleach Bone and Skull white and water down as before, this should only be used in small doses, only one edges and highest points. It may sound overly complicated but the technique is really quite simple when you get the hang of it. I hope that made sense, if you have more questions feel free to ask. The darkest shadows are somewhat from my lighting not from the painting but if you were to work up from a Graveyard Earth base coat it would probably work well to deepen the shadows (you could also back shade from Kommando Khaki with Graveyard Earth if you prefer that)

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    Very good stuff here! I love the halfling, and the kemri wizerd is shaping up good too.

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    Well got a bit more done on the Khemri wizard. Not sure what color to do his hat though... My first thought was to go blue, but that\'s alot of blue... I\'d go with the bone white but thats gonna look odd from behind with the cloak... Ideas would be much appreciated. Right now I\'m leaning towards the bone white...

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    the cloth on that guy is very vibrant i like :D

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    Thanks for all the comments so far. Still haven\'t decided on the colour for the hat... This picture isnt very good. Stupid metals reflecting like crazy so I had to murder my lighting...

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    Well I have more done on the liche priest but no pictures right now. I\'ve been working on my librarians backpack. Its a little shiny from inks and what not... Flash was on, so some of the highlights are a bit washed out (mainly on the skull) but it was the only way I could get a decent picture. Now I know Librarians are supposed to have blue armor, but I figure I need to tie him into the blood raven colour scheme somehow so I decided to do the backpack in reds.

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