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    Hi, this is my last WIP: Virago Crete Hurlante of Ilyad Games.

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    The skin is looking nice HateTheState, not sure how I feel about the purple hair though. And the tattoo is doing nothing for me, maybe make it more tribal. The fur is starting to look good, you may try adding some more color to it, maybe some yellow and orange glazes.

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    Here continues my Virago, I´m waiting for finished it to see if I add some glazes on the fur. And I´ve adjust the white balance, so this photo is better than the last one

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    very nice skintones i like the purple hair makes it look wilder


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    love the tattoo, its not a standard mainstream tribal for once :D.
    this sort of tribal work actually fits more with a caucasian barbarian than one of those popular right-arm-i-go-to-gyms-to-get-girls-and-have-a-pierced-eyebrow kind of tribals i normally get to see.

    skarekrow, the bodmod person

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    Hi again, I´ve finished some details, the cutted head and I´ve added more glazes to the furs top part whit ice blue and space wolves blue.
    That´s the result

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    im not dead keen on the head of the victem i think its the blood lookes a bit fake


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    Originally posted by Thecadian
    im not dead keen on the head of the victem i think its the blood lookes a bit fake

    its is fake.. its just paint ;)

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    Hi, Virago It´s near to be finished, it only needs some retouchs and put it in the base.
    I hope you like it.

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    looks great. How did you make the display base?

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    a nice base indeed. how did you achieve that effect?

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    Very nice paint job. I would be too scared to even try to paint this mini. Love the base it really sets the whole thing off.

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    The water is from Andreas water, and the letters are freehand with a base of liche purple and highlighted mixing with rotting flesh to 60% rotting + 40% liche.
    The skull is a repainted Wh40k transfer, painted with bleached bone, english uniform for the shadows and highlighted with skull white

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    Virago is finished you can see it here

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    As stated above. Did the vote thing.

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