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    Default New member!

    Well Guys and Girls ,

    Ive been meaning to come on this site and sign up for a while , now that i have more time to paint im here, and to meet all you great people and painters

    A little about me my name is Karl, im 17 form Australia

    I am a big Football fan and Liverpool and England supporter , im leaving for France next year to Play Football.

    I have been painting for 2 years and im hopeing to get alot better with ur help

    THanks guys!! :flip:

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    Welcome to the forums Karl :).

    Where in France will you be?

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    Dood how can you say your from Oz and the say you like Pommy football. AAARGGGGG

    Anyway welcome to the forums. Where abouts in Oz you from. Im from Brissy Myself.

    Post a pic on PYP 3 when you get a chance. Dont let the locals scare you they\'re fine when they\'re on they\'re meds.

    Good luck post lots of pics.

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    Welcome Karl Wolfclaw!

    We want to see some of your miniatures!

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    Yes, welcome:D

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    howdy wolf claw :D a few more peices and mayb wel\'l have a full wolf lol :rolleyes:

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    Hi Karl, welcome!

    So you\'re going to France to play football? Is that, like, professionally? ???

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    too many wolfies for my poor bitty brain.

    Thicken your skin and post some pics. then come down to the bar and I\'ll buy you an e-pint.

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    let me add my welcome too.

    You do realise though, that now you\'re on the forums, the little painting time you had will evaporate before your eyes.

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    nice one wolfclaw, welcome to the family.

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    don\'t let em fool you

    we really arn\'t this nice all the time

    ok ok, I\'m kidding!

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    good to see new people.

    welcome on board and good luck with the footbal mate.

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    hey Karl, as Supervike mentions, we like seeing minis around here, only way we can help you improve too :)

    well, not the only way....

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    Originally posted by Hoblit
    You do realise though, that now you\'re on the forums, the little painting time you had will evaporate before your eyes.
    Not to mention time for playing football... lol

    Welcome! Bring on the minis!! :D

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    <- my avatar and myself say \"hello thar!!\"

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    Thanks for popping in to say hi. If you haven\'t done it yet, check out the articles. There\'s a wealth of helpful info there!

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