As if we don\'t have enough.
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Thread: As if we don\'t have enough.

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    Default As if we don\'t have enough.

    I can already hear the question being asked. \"What is your favorite paint?\"


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    Default a 2nd coat?

    This ones been covered before EB!

    (still a worthy topic though!)

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    I don\'t think it\'s very surprising. Paint sells a lot to the gamers. Especially if PP starts to release painting guides or articles where their own paints are being used (which I assume we will see pretty soon). This is what GW does, and Rackham nowadays, and probably Reaper as well. GW even try to push their £75 Master Brush set in their painting articles. :rolleyes:

    I remember reading in WD a couple of years ago that their biggest selling product, all categories, was Chaos Black. Go figure! :)

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    i cant believe GW trying to sell the master set

    its more of a waste of money then some of they models


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    Originally posted by Ebonbuddha
    I can already hear the question being asked. \"What is your favorite paint?\"

    So EB what is your favorite paint? lollollollol

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    I lean towards Sherwin-Williams, m\'self. :duh:

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    What do people think of Vallejo?

    Can people post links of what paints they use please!

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    I use Vallejo and GW. I definetly like Vallejo more, but GW isn\'t always that bad.

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    i use vallejo and gw but as the gw runs out it gets replaced by the vallejo equivlant

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    I am also use Vallejo. I still have some GW and reaper master series. But I seldom use those now.

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