Cleaning Mold lines on WOTC plastics
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Thread: Cleaning Mold lines on WOTC plastics

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    Default Cleaning Mold lines on WOTC plastics

    Has anyone figured out a good way to clean the mold lines on the vinyl WOTC prepainted minis? Neither a hobby knife nor a file will work. Haven\'t been able to figure it out so far.


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    If very very very careful, you can heat a tool and melt it.

    Also, consider chilling the model and then cutting it; I\'ve often stuck a model into ice water for a few minutes before removing mold lines with an exacto or drilling.

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    better idea is to put your plastic mini in the freezer for an hour or so making it very ridged.DD:D

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    I agree with the the chilling theory. It should then be hard enough.

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    Seems logical enough, :)

    I\'ll give it a try and report back. Thanks!

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    Immersing something in a cold liquid will chill it much faster than a cold(er) freezer where it is only chilled by a cold gas. It\'s true that the freezer will chill it colder, but I suspect you\'ll need to repeatedly coolit as you work on it as it will warm up as you touch it. Therefore, dunking it in ice-water for a minute or two will be much quicker than setting in a freezer for an hour.

    You could even stick a salt/ice water mixture in the freezer for even colder temps.

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