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    Well, everyone else is doing it so i thought i\'d start my own thread dedicated to the WIP of yellow mushroom monsters that made an occassional and erratic appearance on the old wip threads.

    First in are update Pics on SPICE - the \'girl power\' member of the Spawn clan.

    There are 627 scales on this mini - trust me i put 4 coats of paint on them ...

    Had a nasty accident with the brown ink glazing her horn which seems to have migrated to her forehead... have to touch that up!

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    I loved seeing your Yellow dudes (and dudettes) on the old WIP thread...and I think this one is great.

    How do you get your Yellows so smooth?

    Some of that VOR stuff was really under the radar and it is great to see someone make it shine so.

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    Very cool. I\'m sure this will be an enjoyable thread to watch.

    SPICE is a fine looking fillie (in a morbidly obese kind of way) and I especially like the rolling pin.

    I think you could very easily turn the accident with the brown ink into an interesting new element in the skin tone. Brown glazes over certain areas would look great, either on this model or future minis.

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    Nice the rolling pin is well done love it.

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    how did you make the rolling pin?

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    How do i get the yellow so smooth? - About 12 coats of paint - thinned way down. These figures are layered not blended, and the trick seems to be not to make the steps between colours to large in terms of colour change. Oh, and bucket loads of patience.

    The rolling pin is a 1:12 scale rolling pin from a dolls house simply pinned to the hand. It is wooden and has simply ebbn \'stained\' with a couple of washes of thinned brown ink. I was going to paint it but thoughti\'d try this instead - i might leave it as is.

    As to the ink stain, the suggestion of glazing/washing patches of skin with ink - browns, greens even purple might work - seems interesting, i may try it on a smaller model first . However i do quite like the slightly too clean cartoony style i seem to have blundered into without purpose so i may leave them...


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    I love it! The yellows are sweet and the rolling pin is classic.

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    Cool. Erm........ you didn\'t really count all them scales did you? :o

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    Originally posted by darkartminiatures
    Cool. Erm........ you didn\'t really count all them scales did you? :o
    I knew someone would ask how many there were!
    Took about an hour and a half to do each coat of paint on them - most tedious boring paint i\'ve ever done, but glad i did it. I hate to think how bored the sculpter was!


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    For the sake of completeness i thought i would post the other members of the tribe...

    The storyline for these monsters is that they escaped and destroyed a ship (called the Lucky Drake) in the local docks - hence i have tried to theme their bases and will one day make a display base for them all.

    This is SPAWN : original monster created by a mad scientist from which all the other yellow ones have been cloned/bred.

    This is SPITE : The \'bully boy of the Tribe - i reckon he was probably tesed as a youngster cos of his orange skin!

    This is SPRINGER : he climbs everything

    And the last one for now is SPONGE : the \'brains\' of the tribe. Unfortunately most of his brains appera to be on the outside of his skin.

    apologies for the variable qaulity of the pictures, when i finish each one i\'ll take better pics to put them up for voting.!

    and Next up is SPLINTER: I\'m going to try and do a \'pure\' yellow on this guy. By that i mean using a bright yellow basecoat and higlighting all the way up to white without adding and darker washes ...

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