Since I\'m excited about the new camera...
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Thread: Since I\'m excited about the new camera...

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    Default Since I\'m excited about the new camera...

    Just had to pop these up to show off. I had to paint that ork for his expression. He\'s an awesome mini.

    The marine needs some freehand and his highlighting. He looks kinda plain right now.

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    Yeah...I will have to agree, these really show off your skill much better. Pics are just a \'smidge\' dark...But I really like these.

    I used to have that space marine, but I think I sent him off to someone....I always thought it was a miscast because of that extra chunk o lead by his left arm. Is it part of the arm?

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    I think it\'s a combat blade.

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    Really? I tried like hell to file that thing

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    That marine even unfinished as you say he is looks much cooler than 80% of what you see on the combat tables. The blue is almost creamy.

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    Thank ya supervike. I\'m glad these new pics look better than my old ones. I too think the thing on his arm is a blade. It is kinda just tacked there, though.

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    The pics are good but a plain or graded background IMHO would look better. And yes I also think they are a touch dark. Love the Ork btw great job.

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