Did GW just get new paint pots?
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Thread: Did GW just get new paint pots?

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    Default Did GW just get new paint pots?

    Do you mean the ones that are rounded with the black lid on it? or did thye get new ones?

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    Default GW paint pots

    They have\'nt released the new & improved paint pots here in Australia. They\'re still the old type bolt bottles with a black screw lids. javascript:icon(\'???\')

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    Default can\'t wait ...

    seriously, can\'t wait for them to release these bottles...really, and i mean really, getting irritated and frustrated with the existing ones...difficult to open, dries to easily, leaks ink and unsightly.

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    now you see i\'m rather worried about this. all the americans are saying how they\'ve read about the relase of new paint pots to replace the screw top ones which are, i have to say, pants. either i\'ve missed something important in wd (if i have and i\'m just being dumb, please point it out to me) or the english are gonna have to wait a little longer than our american cousins. i hope not the paint pots suck:mad:

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    don\'t wait. Put them in your own pots.
    I just bought 100+ dropper bottles virtually identical to those used by vallejo and transferred all my other paints to them. They are working out great.

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    UK release of new bottles (empty), new paints (6 colours IIRC), new painting guide and the beginning of phasing in the new pots (full) are all July 12th.


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    Default same bottle different top.

    My understanding is that the bottles will be the same. The only difference is that the top will be a flip-top screwed on those lousey bottles. In fact, the GW guy at Megacon said that the tops would be interchangeable. I don\'t know how large the opening is supposed to be in the top, dropper or large enough to dip brushes into?

    I wish some hobby shop in my area would carry vallejo.

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    The anoucement was maid in the WD. There was also a picture of the the pots and the way they look like. They are basicaly the same exept that a flip/flop top has taken the place of those horible screw caps. unfortunatly I have heard that that dosn\'t fix the problem of paint drying and that bottles are smaller :( So I would say follow vincegamers\' advice :)
    They are also realsing new paints and taking some out of the market. Unfortunatly some that they are taking of the market where very usfulle, in particular the inks.

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    Default Removing paints?

    I\'ve heard different things from different people, but nobody is ever 100% sure. What colors is GW dropping and when are they gonna be dropped? I\'ve only heard rumors, and nothing for certain.

    Have fun,

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    here is the list and it is from my whit dwarf so I am a 100 % sure :D

    leprous brown
    storm blue
    vile green
    biliouse green
    pallid flesh
    ghostly grey
    imperial purple
    jade green
    beaten copper
    lightning blue
    neauseating blue
    smelly primer
    green ink
    sky blue ink
    orange ink

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    Default Thanks

    NOOOOOOOOO not my Leprous Brown!! What are they thinking by dropping those inks, thats just bad marketing. Do you have any idea WHEN its gonna happen?


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    from what I understood they\'ll go off the market has soon has those new one come out :(
    I used lightning blue and storm blue quite a lot, and Orange ink is very usufull for doing rust :(
    Oh well I\'ll just have to buy some pots of paint befor they take them out.

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    Use what makes ya feel better :D But the new GW caps are better than the old. It\'s just the same paint tho..

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    Pah! I don\'t use any of these paints you\'ve just pronounced and I still have them (mega painting set).
    I hope this is a big improvement to the price (or amounts ;)), becuase you can get all of these paints just by mixing others.

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    Originally posted by mahazael
    Use the Vallejo Game colors instead.. I tossed my crappy GW colors ages ago.. the game colors are superior in every aspect.. more paint, better cap, it\'s a dropper, doesn\'t dry out on you.. and it\'s already thinned out for you. And the cool thing is.. they are virtually the same colors...
    agree with you but the problem is that vallejo ink aren\'t that good, and game workshop ones work very well. Plus I don\'t think that GW paints are that crappy considering that heavy metal, and over famous painters ( cyril,....) use them. And to make matters worse the prince august paints ( same has vallejo) are more expensive then GW paints where I live I don\'t know any good online retailer that is based in france or close. :(

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    Default seeing frenchkid\'s reasoning...

    I agree with frenchkid, GW paint isn\'t that crappy...its their bottling that sucks BIG time.

    Some of the colours are really good...remember, Vallejo is sort of copying their game colours.

    Dropper bottles have their advantages (I also buy locally from my friend) but those that allow the brush to dip in are also useful. Only the way it is done offers some sort of complain.

    As for colours, mixing that often doesn\'t really suit my taste, however easy it is to derive the colours. You seldom or never get the same tone back. Maybe that\'s why manufacturers (especially Vallejo) offer such a large range of colours.

    Don\'t bash GW for the sake of attacking them.

    PS: definitely, don\'t bash me.lol

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    Default 100th post!

    I can\'t believe I get to spend my 100th post defending GW, BUT such is life.

    Just like Mouse and Frenchkid I also like GW paints. As posted a million times, the pots are awful.

    I remember back when I first got the MEGA PAINT SET (got it on ebay for only 100!) I was so happy with it. It made highlighting and shading so much easier.
    My productivity at painting increased tenfold.

    But that said, I do like Vallejo also, and I use some of the \'cheap-o\' paints (apple barrel, plaid, delta).
    I am an equal opportunity paint buyer!!

    I should be transferring my GW paint to better bottles, and if GW does indeed come out with a better bottle, I will most likely use it too.

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    Originally posted by supervike
    and if GW does indeed come out with a better bottle, I will most likely use it too.
    I don\'t think that we should be saying that game workshop is coming out with better bottles considering the fact that it isn\'t true. Lets just say that they are changing they bottles to smaller easyer to open ones, and has good in making the paint dry bottles. :D

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    I`ve used GW paint until this sucking new pots came, then ral partha, now valejo. GW paints have one BIG Problem ... they are not only different in color but also in their ability to cover the surface . Snakebite Leather for example not really cover good, the other Problem e.a. with the skintones is, that GW paints use a high percentpart of fill-, and glossy materials.If you don`t use a color a wile the paint has a little lake of these chemicals on the pigments, two phases .
    If you shake it , it will mix but a few minutes later the lake is there again.This is the reason why GW paints dry in the pots so fast, the new pots can`t hold the vaporescense of these chemicals. valejo use other chemicals in their paints ... you can smell it, and these chemicals don`t make this lake on the paint and make the paint better to work with.
    A last Blocknote Valejo and ral partha paints are higly more pigmented then GW paints, another aspect of qualityrating

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    Default Hey just to be on track..

    U guys are talking about the ones out right now right? The small sort of rounded paint pots with the black screw lid... And on the front it says Cideal?

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