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    :cool:Looking for constructive comments on minis posted by me (Dragnmastrz) I have had a couple of posts and really appreciate the information provided. Looking for more comments to try and help improve my painting techniques.

    Please no :flame:destructive commentary, just helpfull suggestions appreciated.

    Mike Brown Dranmastrz:idea:

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default Constructive fedback on your work

    Looking at your work, the first problem I notice is that you need to focus more attention on getting the borders neater. Also, spend more time in the prep phase: buffing the mini with a wire brush between filing and priming will make the final surface much smoother. Induce more depth with washes. With the \"Sevora Conversion,\" her scars(?) seem to be the same color as her armor; the result is drab and unconvincing. I like \"Seanus\" best, but think it still needs some lining for definition. Keep up the good work!

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