What new armies/races would you like to see?
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Thread: What new armies/races would you like to see?

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    Default What new armies/races would you like to see?

    A recent post talked about how it would be nice to have Araby and Cathay armies. I agree wholeheartedly, but it got me thinking, what other new armies should be out there?
    Doesn\'t really matter what game or system, just what kind of \'theme\' would you like to see?

    An army based on the American Indian imagery would be interesting. I can imagine fierce warriors riding on huge Bison type steeds.

    Also, an \'underwater\' army based on Mer-people. King Triton type stuff with giant Seahorses pulling chariots. Might not be very easy to play a game with them, but they\'d sure be fun to paint!!

    Your thoughts, please!?!

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    I was thinking that for a race, science-fiction type centaurs would be awesome. They would have some cybernetic limbs, and they would hold machine guns.... Many fantasy things would be cool in science-fiction.

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    Space skavens!!!!! :D
    Just kidding, even thought making a few ones has conversions would be fun.
    I\'m really looking forward to the wood eleve armie , they look so cool And I already have my color scheme, paint them like in Warcraft 3 !

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    i would like to see some decent barbarians - not chaos. with big weapons, maybe some women in there and lots of flesh so i can practice doing tattoos.

    oh and some decent size warhorses for generals (like the new archaons). they are all the same size.i reckon they should have a normal troop size and maybe a slightly larger champion\'s horse. but in plastic - i don\'t wanna have to pay for metal ones.

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    Default ooohhh......

    freakinacage is gooood....lots of flesh....oooohhhh......

    but seriously, I would like to see something different.

    As of now, tabletop gaming is very much...err...I will say, standalone. Archaon is Archaon...that\'s that. Valten is Valten...nothing more or less. You getting my bad breath (drift?) ??

    What I meant is, the characters or armies don\'t evolve. Why can\'t a game system be something like...you either use an existing character, give it a name and well, it\'ll grow. Or else, custom made one, give it a name with relevant stats (based on game rating of assignments), and watch it grow.

    They can gain levels, become more powerful or they can lose levels, become less powerful when they lose a battle or get killed. As they become more powerful, it\'ll take more points to employ him but of course the increase in points is not equavalent to the increase in abilities (makes it more worthwhile).

    Even troops can have this ability. They have better wounds or skills.

    How can this be control? Well, a site whereby people can update their armies.

    As for new armies, I will like an oriental miniature setting.

    Do you know those thingies about chinese kungfu?

    In our chinese comics, characters learn martial art skills (Eg. 18 Strokes of Vanquishing Dragon - direct translation or Ten Thousand Buddha Palm) and uses these skills to fight. It\'s not the routine roll your dices for WS or BS. It\'s pitting one martial art skills (at different level - like the previous martial skill, there\'s 18 forms to it) against another. In this setting, there\'s the martial exponent expert, the tao priest (who wields the sword and knows magic), the monk (not the D&D version of the monk but the oriental shaolin monk who is an expert in hand-to-hand combat), the general, the scholar (anyone watched the \"Chinese Ghost Story\"?), the spirits (fox spirit, thousand year tree spirit), the dieties, the gods and the demons!!!!

    In chinese mythology, the monkey god knows incredible martial arts and his wondrous 72 ways of changes! He basically can transform into anything!!!

    In the sword fighting, the Huashan disciples know incredible swordskills that emits \"sword energy\" that can split mountains!!!!

    In the taoist priest, he can both fight and cause magic taoism spells to vanquish his enemies(earth, wind, rain, thunder and spirit chants)!!

    I believe that there\'s a treasure in there to be unearthed...i dream and believe.

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    Default Two Words \"Dakka Mechas\"

    WH40k army that uses giant robots instead of Tanks. Either that or an all giant robot army, with leaders with cool names like, I don\'t know, Megatron and Optimus or something... :D Full blooded Chaos Orks, or a purely fun army, like The Church of the King, with all the troops dressed like Elvis, and the tanks Pink Cadalacks with guns.

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    Default Oops

    Sorry guys I posted in the wrong forum, I didn\'t see that it was WFB.:~(

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    In theory that\'s not a bad idea mouse, but I doubt it would work, you\'d end up with super powerfull characters that are impossible to kill, so they\'d be getting more points, and then.....
    Never ends. GW had this problem with the 5th edition of WFB, characters that were to powerfull and could take out your newly painted 40 gobbo regiment in one wave of a magique wand.

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    something tells me that frenchkid is talking from experience. do i note a hint of bitternesslol

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    well yeah that was kinda embarassing. and frustrating. ;) lets not talk about it. grumble grumble grumble stupid elf magician. He almost got kicked of the table by a big mad giant cursing very loudly after that.:D

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    Oh boy do I remember those days! lol
    I (almost) miss the good ol\' days when my Slann Mage could take out units and greater daemons with equal ease...ahh, the memories. Now I think we\'re in a much more \"realistic\" system for Warhammer...

    ANYways, if I were to see a new army or race, I think it would be either a) an army of apes or b) a swamp based army.

    In (A), you could have ravenous baboons, swift chimpanzees, swarms of spider monkeys, powerful gorrilas, contemplating orangutans, and a huge King Kong-like monster!

    In (B), you could have frog warriors, salamander-things (perhaps even the lizardmen salamanders), Swamp-Thing-like beasts, etc. The possibilities could very well be endless, and you could even throw in a bit of fluff connecting them to the Old Ones and Lizardmen (hey, I can dream can\'t I? :)

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    about anature loving army. with lots of animals in it and druids and such. I think the Wood elf might be similar to this.

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    @ gjinari: I don\'t know how I ended up posting this for just WFB, but I meant to have this open to all gaming systems, SO your idea is welcomed!

    @Frenchkid: I am a wood elf lover at heart, and it is by far my most extensive army. You mention that they \"look so cool\" Have you seen any of the new stuff, or even concept art? Any info is appreciated!!

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    Default Its all been done before...

    I had to think long and hard about this question. Basically, I am pretty fed up with space marines, orcs, elves, robots etc. I really like the idea of skaven space marines however, and there are some images of that nature on this site!

    Having thought long and hard... I finally realised that the army/race I really wanted to see was there already. Long live the Wolfen! Woof Woof!:bouncy:

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    Default carfull full moon tonight

    Don\'t hang around finn when the full moon is out:D
    @supervike: unfortunetly I haven\'t seen any of the new things to come up, and I steal don\'t understand how the hidious bretoniens can come before those beautifull wood elfes. When I said that they looked so cool I was talking about the actuall models, that can only leave me to drole on the ones that are coming up.

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    i have to say - love the idea of the ape army. ook

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    Default Planet of the Apes???

    Originally posted by freakinacage
    i have to say - love the idea of the ape army. ook

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    Default How about some new and old armies?

    As The_Mutato, frenchkid, and finn17 have said...
    Some kind of sci-fi beastman/centaur/skaven type army would be cool, plenty of room for conversions for the imaginative.

    I know GW dropped them: Squats or sci-fi dwarves.

    Also what about bringing back something like Dark Future ???

    Actually if I looked i\'d probably find something similar to these somewhere.

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    Default Amazons

    An Amazon army would be cool. Think of all the great sculpts! Also, any thing using gnolls, hobgoblins, fimirs or kobolds.:bouncy:

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    Hmmm...let\'s get back to that swamp theme idea...I wonder how rackham would pull that off, cos\' I\'ve never seen them doing anything like it. Mud beasts, or wait fen beasts like the albion campaign! But then rackham style...and some other swamp creatures like frogs, snakes, toads, bears, fishes, lizards and like. I would really like to see THAT done by the Rackham team!:cool:

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