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Thread: What new armies/races would you like to see?

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    Default combo

    I think you could combine a couple of these:
    freakinacage: apes/women
    silverandblackattack: amazons

    A mainly female amazon army (a few men cause the all female armies are usually poorly done gaming and fluff wise). They could have wild apes as beasts of war or to pull warmachines/chariots, maybe a giant one like king kong to take on the o&g giant. They could also have jungle cat cavalry. You could tie in the old ones for fluff and some animosity with lizardmen. I think it could work.

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    by The_Mutato
    I was thinking that for a race, science-fiction type centaurs would be awesome. They would have some cybernetic limbs, and they would hold machine guns....
    Well, there was such a thing I think, Zoats, have seen them on www.das-astronomican.de - strange things, from the rogue trader era. Anyway, I think an ape army sounds fun, but could get hard making them really intimidating and dangereous - by the way, I´m glad there are no Squats, most of those looked ridiculous by any standard, just think of those bikers...

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    Doom bunnies!! I wish there were more doom thumpers, with war machines etc, they were fun. lol

    Also, werecats in the same vein as Rackham\'s wolfen as an army would be nice.

    Wulfen for 40K that looked more like spacefaring confrontation wolfen would have been nice but thats not likely.

    Some really alien looking aliens for 40K. Maybe on the lines of the Tyranids, but with different morphology.



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    Default Gangs of New York

    I saw Martin Scorcese\'s latest flick \'Gangs of New York\' last week and thought to myself the gang characters portrayed in this movie would be great as a line of miniatures.

    Especially Liam Nielson & Daniel Day Lewis\'s character, oh and the cat woman with longs sharp fingernails. IMHO this theme turned into a mini line would most certainly ROCK!!

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    Default DragonMen

    Old Runequest had a sect of magic-users doing their best to change into dragons. I would like to see minis under various levels of transformation.

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    what id like to see although its not a new race is zoats reintroduced into the new wood elf army list, i remember a small unit of them absolutely devasting a large unit of boarboyz i had many moons ago in a tourney, left quite an impression on me

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    Default New Races for Sure:

    While I don\'t know what they are, they did make a small announcement at Chicago that between the Bretonnians and Wood Elves (of course wood elves are last or so) they would be introducing a new race. When pressed for details, all they would intimate was that it was a race we had not seen at all before. Brand new was I think what the bloke said.

    Maybe they were just piqueing our curiosity, but it seems like you\'ll get some manner of new race sometime (relatively) soon.

    Any thoughts on what it could be? I\'m not usually tapped into rumor central, so do not know, but am highly curious.

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    hmm sounds interesting. if anyone has any info?

    am hopefully going to gamesday in the uk so i shall keep my eyes and ears open :o

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    i would like to see some birdmen. not men with wings but proper birds that just look a little more like men. probably not a good idea for a new army but could be used as mercs. not not the birdmen from the dogs of war range

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    Default Ogre Kings, Baby, Ogre Kings!!

    GW\'s new race isn\'t really new at all. They will be doing an army book for \"Ogre Kings\".

    This race is essentially neutral...I quote Gordon Davidson here (cue scottish accent)\"The driving factor for the ogres is basically \"I\'m hungry\"\".

    Apparently they\'ll fight with, for , or against anyone as long as it serves their interest...ie. gets them food when they get hungry.

    Again quoting Gordon \"they\'re bloody huge, we\'re really proud of these figures!\"

    I was really stoked when I heard about this and was really happy that I decided to sit in on this seminar (the Warhammer seminar at Chicago\'s Games Day).

    Just so everyone knows, I heard all this straight from the mouth of Gordon Davidson, GW developement guru, at Chicago Games Day (a couple weeks ago).

    This is not rumour, it is fact. I hope you are as excited as I am!!

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    Default love the ogre\'s!

    That is good news. I am very partial to Ogre\'s and they are always fun to paint.

    note to self, \"do you really want to start another army?\"

    note to self 2 \"yes. stop bothering me.\"


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    ogres are great but i really don\'t like the new ones ( ithink they are by aly morrison). i also didn\'t like the dogs or war ogre regiment. i liked the old ones from about 92. they kicked ass

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    Default ogres

    Yeah, I tend to agree.

    Of my four pics posted here, two are \'old school\' ogres (pre 90\'s I think)

    The new ones just didn\'t have the character the old ones did.

    I am hoping with a new book, maybe some new sculpts. If not DragonRune Miniatures (which is now going to be put out by Tin Dictator) had some really neat ogres.

    I contacted the Tin Dictator, and they should be released in September....


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    ok you can\'t just say that they are gonna offer great ogres without providing a link. please! also, do they ship to the uk?

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    Big Mean Elf

    Default They are to lazy lil Mouse...

    Originally posted by mouse
    but seriously, I would like to see something different.

    As of now, tabletop gaming is very much...err...I will say, standalone. Archaon is Archaon...that\'s that. Valten is Valten...nothing more or less. You getting my bad breath (drift?) ??

    As for new armies, I will like an oriental miniature setting.

    I believe that there\'s a treasure in there to be unearthed...i dream and believe.
    They won`t do t if you mean GW...the only thing like this in 28mm `ish will prolly just be the Clan Wars stuff,asian stuff is a odd market...
    Peeps want to see school girls in rape shit,or they want it to be big ass robots or silly cartoon violence...but when you go all out like Clan War did,and your make`n classic costumes ect,it looks kinda bore`n when compared to a fantastic army.
    It`s just guys in robes with katanas,and when they do try to do the cool armour it looks fhucked up and sloppy.

    It would be cool as hell man,I don`t think it will hap`n dow...



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    Default heh heh

    Originally posted by freakinacage
    ok you can\'t just say that they are gonna offer great ogres without providing a link. please! also, do they ship to the uk?
    The Tin Dictator is found at


    They bought the molds and rights to the DragonRune miniatures.


    Check out the Ogre Marauders (and also the goblins and orcs!)

    The Tin Dictator is located in the U.S. and does ship overseas, there is some pricing on their page.

    I ordered all the ogres and most of the orcs back when DragonRune was located in Spain. Unfortunately, the company folded before they sent them to me. I was able to get refunded, but I really wanted the mini\'s.

    Hope you like them!!

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    Default Howdy Pardner

    I really really really wanna see GW put out an army of cowboys set in the 40K universe :D


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    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    I really really really wanna see GW put out an army of cowboys set in the 40K universe :D
    Would Vash the Stampede be a hero for the system? :P

    Some people call me the Space Cowboy....

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    Default Slow down there pardner

    Sure why not. And Lucky Luke, and maybe even Rex the Singing Cowboy played by Tom Berringer in \"Rustler\'s Rhapsody\".....
    I guess they could go in any genre for all I care. I just wanna see a boxed set :D

    Maybe it is a bad idea... They would milk it until it\'s dry. THere would be a human cowboy army, and an army of cowboy dwarves... Maybe even Chaos Cowboys :D

    Then those chaps they wear could lead to the Chaos Cowboys of Slaanesh. :o

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    Yeah, why not? The Keeper of Secrets looks like a steer anyways! :P

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