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    Default Dead and rotting skin

    i really like the look of some GW and Wyrd minis which have rotting or dead flesh in particular Nurgles and Killjoy

    I was just wondering how you would achieve this effect because i dont want to buy a nurgle model or a plague beaerer and then realizing i cant paint its rotting flesh

    Any help[ would be appreciated???

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    I think the rotting flesh on my ghast lord turned out ok so I\'ll give you the recipe I used. You can see it in my gallery. I based the skin with a lighter brown color (vomit brown or desert yellow will both work), I then layered it up to elf flesh. After that I gave it several thinned layers of blue ink to tone it. Once the ink is dry I reapplied the elf flesh and layered up to a higher highlight color by adding white. I wanted a cold look to my skin so I used blue ink, if you want rotting you could try using green or maybe a little purple. I did the corpse at the ghast lords feet slightly differently. I painted the skin as usual, and then used a watered down green ink (actually it may have been a watered down dark angels or snot green...) around the torn flesh to represent gangrenous skin. The bruises were down with a purple ink (again could have been a watered down purple paint), and then added a little of the flesh highlight color to have it toned to the flesh. Hope I helped in some way. You may not want to use my technique but it may get the ball rolling, or give you ideas.

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    Looks good i will have to pop into Croydon tommorow to get some paints, or on monday, thatnks for the tip i also think green and purples would indicate dead flesh

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    If you want a quick an simple then paint the mini EF and highlight to white then use green and purple glases. As an alt add a bit of green to the EF which also works well.

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    When I do dead flesh I mix a bit of blueish grey into the skin tone I use. This produces a dull, lifeless skintone. I then go about as usual with shading and highlighting. Now you will have a very pale looking skin. Next I apply a few glazes of, first, very dark red (make sure this is really thin so you don\'t darken the skin too much) and, second, with VMC Azure, which is a quite light purplish blue. Finally I re-apply the lightest highlights, which is VMC Light Flesh (like GW Palid flesh, but lighter). This will give you very dead looking skin, but not necessarily rotten. If you want rotten I\'d think changing the final light blue glazes to green ones will do the trick.

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    hmm.. get some skin. any skin will work.. you can use your xacto knife for this. glue the skin to the mini.. now wait... presto pesto and red cats.. you have dead skin!
    sorry.. im tired..

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    Thanks guys, i will be going into town today, buy some paints test out on a couple o\' models my local football team is in Croydon today so anyone who supports Palace go there today from 11am

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    Here\'s the recipe for Killjoy\'s skin:

    Basecoat: VMC Light Green Blue, VGC Pale Flesh, VMC Blue Violet and VGC Dead Flesh in varying mixes on different parts of the body.

    Glazes: Various mixes of red, green, blue and purple inks into the recesses of the skin.

    Highlights: Pale Flesh/Dead Flesh and white in various mixes.

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    yup im not really planning on buying killjoy because it looks like WM only sell to US but the bases look like a good investment

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    Wyrd will post stuff worldwide. Plenty of other places sell their stuff too...

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    Yeah, i tested a bit at gamesworkshop today, Elf Flesh + Liche Purple works wells with a dry brush of EF and Dark Angel Green

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    Just a few points - depending on the when the \"corpse\" died will decide the colour of the skin...

    First, the blood (And all other fluids - if you\'ve ever worked in a hospital you\'ll especially know this... Yummy) drain out of the body.

    Due to gravity, the blood will first pool in the lower portions of the vessels, meaning that if your \"corpse\" is upright, the blood will all be in the legs/lower torso - giving those areas a dark red/purple tint - at this point the skin also becomes cold and waxy (gloss varnish would do the trick)

    From here on in decomposition begins, with the bacteria in the gut and inside the body doing most of the work (The decaying action of the body keeps the core warm enough for the bacteria to thrive)

    Colours will then mainly depend on the environment etc :)

    Hope this helps - you could also google for autopsy pics or whatever :)

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    Originally posted by El stefano
    yup im not really planning on buying killjoy because it looks like WM only sell to US but the bases look like a good investment
    Like Scott said, Wyrd posts worldwide. The shipping is not bad either!

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    There are some interesting step-by-step tutorials on dead/decaying/rotting flesh you could check out on the brushthralls website, here:

    The best ones are the last two, the bile thralls and bloat thralls. The basis of the technique being used is on the \'studio scheme\' page, so you need to read that first, at least the top part anyway.

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    Thanks Scott and Anders for pointing out the shipping. Yup, we ship world wide, and more to the point, if you don\'t want to buy from us, there are quite a few other places to pick it up from as well.

    I believe Scott has a tutorial coming out here in the future on Killjoy, that might be of some help, particularly if you want an eye catching but disgusting piece, as personally I think the Killjoy he put together is the best to date.

    Some nice nurgle stuff out there as well to pick up and do dead skin on. Partial to the fat ones myself. :D

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