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    I decided to do a duel with my new eldar army.
    I came up with this so far, I dont no if it looks the best though.

    The base is already painted and so is the gun on the ground.
    The eldar guardian is half painted up.
    C&C welcome plz tell me wat u think about it.

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    Base looks nice, can\'t really see what\'s going on well in the picture though!

    The yellow doesn\'t fit so well with the mood of the base and the gobbo too, looking good though!

    Better pics?

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    Ok the picture is somewhat poor and I think that we really need to see both Closer pictures and a 360 degree sequence.
    From what I can see however, looks as if there is no direct interaction between the two figures, which if you look at previous Duel winners has been the key to sucess at GD\'s.
    Sorry to be negative but you asked for C&C and I had to be honest.

    Duel is a very difficult category.

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