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    Hey all ,

    Just curious , Im needing to get in contact with Roll Jordan and Alessio ( Wolfbane ) having no luck by email atm.

    Just wondering if there is some sort of convention on or some public holiday in Italy or if all the Italian painters are on stike

    Anyone share some info on the matter?

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    Summer vacation in europe. Month of august is usually when people leave on vacation so that might explain it.

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    well I do live in europe so yes.
    Dosn\'t mean that they are on vacation. But a lot of people are.

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    Thanks, When does the vacation finish? The holidays that is

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    There\'s no particular holiday or anything. It\'s just that during July and August many have their summer vacations. No fixed dates or anything. Nobody can answer when Rolljordan and Wolfbane end their vacation but themselves.

    EDIT: Or... close friends, it seems! ;)

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    Well, August is a slow month in Italy and some years ago almost everything was closed :)
    Now the holydays are a bit diluited between the end of june to the middle of September so its easier to find stores and activities open :)

    Well, back on the initial topic.. I know that Chris of Rolljordan is actually on vacation but my friend Wolfbane is at home and working (well, he lives in one of the best places near the sea that you can find in Italy so maybe he takes a couple of hours to swim during the day ;) )
    I\'ll phone him this evening and tell him to check his email and his PM here. :)

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    :cool: summer here in italy :cool:

    i\'ll try to contact wolfbane via ICQ

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    Thanks Dragon Paint! for the info, Hope u can help :D

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