Dragonblood Princess of the North Star: Did I get a bad sculpt.
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Thread: Dragonblood Princess of the North Star: Did I get a bad sculpt.

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    Default Dragonblood Princess of the North Star: Did I get a bad sculpt.

    Having lusted after the Dragonblood Princess of the North star figure for the longest time I broke down and ordered one. I was happy with the price and what was charged for shipping, but now having got the figure I am disapointed.

    The figure was sculpted by S. Garity and from expereince I know she does good work, but on this figure the sculpting or casting was poor. The arms and legs seem very thick and almost box like. They do not seem round and clunky.

    So did I get a bad casting or is it a poor mini?

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    Beowulf its possible its a miscast or maybe a recast..like you say Sandra doesnt do anything but quality minis..so either one miscast has slipped thru the cracks on whoever released..which if thats the case they will replace it usually no problem or if someone is making copies of a production piece....was it a direct purchase or a ebay one? more then a few recasts are found on ebay nowdays.

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    Hopefully its not a copy. Have you contacted the seller/manufacturer?

    Not familiar with that mini, can you post a picture of it.

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    I have a few Dragonblood minis and they aew all quality casts, it is possible it is a mis cast, have you tried contacting them for a replacement?

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    \"The arms and legs seem very thick and almost box like\"

    That doesnt sound like a miscast to me, not unless it looked like it was half melted. Do you have any pictures of the mini from their site and some pics of your mini for comparison?

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    The model has some casting issues in some figures from the latest batch but the arm thickness on one side is from the bracer that is hard to see until it is primed. The legs are alright from the front and back but got distorted a bit in the mold and look a bit blocky from one side. A newer version was ready with parts smoothed out and its probably time to make that switch. I offered to send a new one or any other model. It\'s not an optimal answer to the question, but we\'ll work something out.

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    there we go, straight from the horses mouth so to speak ;)

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    Now THAT is great customer service. Replace the product and let everyone on
    CMON know.

    Well done.

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    I just got two PMs from elouchard and he did indeed offer to refund or replace. The fact that not only did he admit fault, but offered to fix the problem and contact me in less then 24 hours shows that Dragonblood is the company to order from. They will get my money again.


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    I love you guys. Warm and fuzzy. I think I will patronize Dragonblood just because of this thread.

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