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    Default Desdémone, succubus version Wip

    Well, the first wip was in the wrong section then i correct my mistake for this one ;)

    Here\'s the begining of my 3rd 30mm miniature, desdemone from the \"chroniques de la lune noire\" cover.

    First stage >

    The curve of the back isn\'t correct btw.

    Second stage >

    To help me visualise the pose in 3D i tried to reproduce it in Poser. Btw, the pose of the concept was impossible in the real life :)

    The structure of the body, nothing is finished.
    Bigger version here:

    Comments welcome as usual!

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    WOW! The pose is a bit strange but you have reproduced very well the tension of the muscles and I\'m really curious to see the next stages.

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