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    I started this mini yesterday.. the red is finished.. and no i dont want to highlight it again.. theres 6 layers alrady.. damn i hat emy camera:flame:

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    Yea...my camera eats up all red too...So much so that I avoid that color when painting!

    You have a deep rich tone going on, I can certainly see that.

    Also, from the yellowish tint of the pic, maybe adjust your white balancing feature...maybe that would help the reds a bit?

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    you are not the only person saying it looks yellow.
    this picture is taken with white balance.. it doesnt look red at all:cussing:

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    Looking good sonny, keep up the good work:D

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    looking fine to me as well

    you could add one more highligh.........no i wontlol


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    heres a pic from the front. sword, chest and gold on the shield. and the shoulder pad are finished. im working on the legs atm

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    I like the paint but her head seems to big for the body.. it looks really off.. unless your going to a manga look

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    well.. i cant do much about that.. you have toblaime the sculptor;)

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    I like the red a lot, what paints did you use?

    Mini is coming along great, looking forward to next update.

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    for the reds i used:
    VMC Burnt cad. red
    VMC German cam black brown
    VMC Red
    VGC Imperial purple

    Basecoat: German cam black brown+burnt cad red.
    shade: basecoat+imperial purple
    Highlight: Blend from base to vmc red.

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