WIP: Yarry by Enigma Miniatures - Now finished :)
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Thread: WIP: Yarry by Enigma Miniatures - Now finished :)

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    Default WIP: Yarry by Enigma Miniatures - Now finished :)

    Well, I\'m trying to start painting again after a little block... I\'m working on some miniatures from previuos Miniature Exchanges but this one is the most advanced of the group.

    I\'m trying to push a little bit my skill so I\'m working on my blending technique and trying some new techniques.

    This miniature is Yarry a 54mm hobbit sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre (http://www.enigmaminiatures.com).

    I\'m trying a different approach for the skin starting from a black primer and a base color with a mix of Vallejo Cavalry Brown and Flat Flesh building the basic highlight adding mode flat Flesh. Then I have increased the contrast to the shades with light washes of Vallejo Dark Green and increasing the highlights with washes of GW Elf flesh and Vallejo White.
    The skin is almost done but I have to touch up the left eye, seems that some wash has lighted up the black.
    The cloack is also finished, the base color is Andrea Russian Kakhi with washes of Vallejo Dark Brown for the shades and highlight obtained adding Vallejo Beige to the base color.
    Just to add some interest i have soiled the border with washes of Vallejo Games Color Cobra Leather followed by some other washes of Vallejo Mahogany Brown and little dots of Mahogany Brown and Beige. VI have used the same procedure on the feet.
    For the hair the base color was Vallejo Cavalry Red with highlight obtained adding Vallejo Beige and then 9 or 10 washes with a mix of Future floor wash, black ink and GW Chestnut Brown ink.
    I have also added some more hair onthe arms with the same ink mix and a small brush (0).

    Next step will be the tunic, I have already decided the base color (Vallejo Red) but it needs some shade and highlight as well as a bit of freehand, then the details and the base.
    You think it\'s time for some picture? :)

    I will update the WIP soon and next time the picture will be better :)

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    He looks great! Something about the forearm hair is bugging me, but I can\'t put a finger on it. It isn\'t the glare. Maybe too dark compared to the rest of his hair?

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    very nice those eyes look amazing


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    Originally posted by treide
    He looks great! Something about the forearm hair is bugging me, but I can\'t put a finger on it. It isn\'t the glare. Maybe too dark compared to the rest of his hair?
    Hmmm... probably yu\'re right.. I\'ll try to lighten them a bit. Sure they need a coat of Vallejo Matte varnish.

    @James: thank you, left eye need a little fix so hope they look better soon :)

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    I like the skintone and the eyes. Nice model too!

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    yep very nice work but the hairy arms dont look totally right ,maybe a bit thick?


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    I think some more shaow on the face would be good.
    I just finnished translating an article on YArry by Jeremie, sent me a PM if you want end I\'ll send it other to you since I\'m not sure when\'ll I\'ll put it on CMON ( still needs some tweaking). Cheers.

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    Second WIP, I have tocheck a couple of things that dont look right in the picture bur the figure is almost finished and I have to start with the base.
    I have added some contrast on the face and cleaned the hair using thinner and lighter lines on the forearms.

    I have selected a dark green for the pants and washed them with a lighter green to make them more \"used\", nothing special anyway...
    Dark red for the jacket with a couple of thin gold lines but I have to check them on the miniature because they seems wrong on the picture... not the right day for the freehands :(

    Dark leather and nmm gold for the details.

    Tomorrow I will start with the display base

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    Eyes and forearms now look great!

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    And finally... everything is done:

    The base is done using some cork for the rock painted with Andrea Slate Grey and highlighted adding some Vallejo Buff to the base color and using White for the last touch. The ground is plaster washed with a Sepia Brown liquid color for airbrushes and then highlighted while the wash is still wet using Vallejo Buff.
    Then I have used small washes of Vallejo Dark Green and Vallejo Royal purple on the rock and the ground to armonize them.
    Some little pebbles, leaves and some patches of static grass around to make it a little mode interesting and it\'s all.

    I have also added it to my gallery:

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