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    Hey. I thought it would be an idea to start a topic where we could talk about and show the mini\'s we are entering at this year\'s GD\'s (unless some one\'s beaten me to it). I think all the US ones are finished now, but we\'ve still got the British, German, and Australian and the Spanish and then the Italian ones to come!

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    Well, french GD was in April ;)
    You really are too late lol ;)

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    Editing time then. I guess there won\'t be many replies because people might want to keep things to themselves until the big day.

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    i still havent decided what to take:(

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    You can add the Italian GD to the list, is in December ;)

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    Right, I\'ve taken care of that now. Before we go on to talking about our entries, has any one got any more GDs that I have missed out? :P

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    I had already set up my own thread about my aussie entry. I would post updates here as well but that would be post padding :D
    Of course if no one gives me any advice I may have to jump on here instead!

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