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    Default ARRRRG!!!

    I can\'t believe I did this. My best mini to date to. I was spraying some matte varnish onto it. I picked up the white primer can by accident. Now he is ruined I can\'t get the primer off. I tried to gently strip it but off came the paint so I am just going to have to repaint it and take the picture down for now. I am really upset I did something so dumb like this.

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    Wow. If I could swear I would but instead I will directly quote you \"ARRRRG!!!\". I am truly sorry my friend!

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    Ahh it\'s ok I want to paint it again anyways everytime I paint I get better at it....

    I was just upset because the ice sword came out so nice looking. It was also the first mini I ever got a 6 on too. Oh well. My bad. The next time I will read the label on the can. Duh! Can\'t believe I did this. I had the right can in my hand. I turned around to do something and put it down. I came back and grabbed the wrong can and pffftt... just enough white primer to ruin it. I won\'t make this mistake again. (I hope!!)

    See yah

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    That sucks but don\'t feel bad. My brother in law does autobody and stuff and got lefts and rights mixed up and ended up painting an entire truck yellow instead of white because the boss told him the color was on the left!

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    Default I know exactly how you feel...

    I\'ve done the same thing myself only with black primer. Fortunately, I was spraying an eldar wraithlord, which is a tall model, and I only nailed the legs before I realized what I did. Rather than repaint it, I just tried touching it up. I guess it didn\'t turn out too bad, I have it on here (image # 2884) and it seems to be hanging around a 6.5 rating. I even mentioned the accident in it\'s description.
    Well, I hope your repaint job goes ok. You never know, maybe your second job you\'ll like even better than your first, since you\'re already know what you want to do, and just have to do it again.:)

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    It didn\'t show up to bad on your model. On this one it was pretty much ruined I had got enough white all over it that it looked like snow on it.

    Oh well I will paint it again with a different color scheme I think it will look cooler as a fire wizard with a sword of firebrand.

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    My sympathies. You must have felt awful. Maybe you could put some large, different coloured labels on your different spray cans? I don\'t mean to sound patronizing, I\'m sure it\'s a mistake anyone could make especially if the sprays were from the same company with similar labels.

    Anyone else remember the scene in \"Apollo 13\" where Swigert has the \"NO!\" note next to the switch? \"I was getting a little punchy and I didn\'t want to accidentally jettison the LEM with you guys still in it.\" :)

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    That is one of my painting nightmares. I double check what I\'m using each time. I almost used a can of green paint instead of dullcoat once, and I have been wary ever since.

    I\'m sorrydude.


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    Default ARRRRG!!!!

    You have my sympathies. I\'ve not done the primer but have dropped a complex dragon from chest height onto concrete floor of my garage when taking back after Varnishing.
    The neighbours cat has neve moved so fast due to my language!

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    I did have a Reaper chick almost done, resting upon the top of our microwave while we were eating, and the sleeve of my cardigan caught her raised up daggers and the next thing I knew, she was head first in the big bowl of egg salad mix. I was overcome with despair. I washed her briskly under the tap and the damage was minimal. Oh well. She sucks anyhow and I have better ones now!

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    I did the same thing once. You could hear me screaming all the way up the street!

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    The egg salad was not the end of it! I finally cleaned her up as best I could and I had also just finished my Red Archer for my beginning tutorial so I glued the base and sprinkled some nice pepper all over it on the archer. Anyways, *here is a tip for all of you spray sealer users*, I take both downstairs to spray and I did not shake and blow the excess pepper off of the archer\'s base. Placing the minis side by side, I proceeded to seal them both with my fav Testor\'s spray. I grab them a half hour later and the damn chick is covered in (sealed) pepper! AArrrrgh!

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default I can top that!

    Once I was eating chocolates and looking at a friend\'s mini (some epic scale marines on a single base.) So I have the mini in one hand and a chocolate in the other hand. My friend called to me, and I looked up and answered him, but then I made my grand faus-pax of my mini-painting career: Yep, you guessed it. Looking off into the distance, I absent-mindedly popped the mini into my mouth! Of course I immediatly realized what I\'d done and stopped short of chewing it up, but boy was I embarrassed! I mean, just how do you explain that to your friend?
    \"Sorry, dude. I kinda slobbered all over your mini. It\'s not damaged, just kinda wet. Sorry...\"
    Yeesh. I think I would have rather primed one of my finished minis!


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    I have a nasty habit of dropping my buddies done mini when he asks me to have a look before spraying it. I always say \"looks good except for the chipped hat!\" :D

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    Default gnnngh!

    I had a big board that I was painting all my miniatures on once; and I had about five miniatures that I was planning on selling on there, including about 3 or 4 opened paint pots. The corner of the board was just hanging off the edge of the table, and the phone started ringing, so I ran to get and knocked the board off the table. The paint went everywhere coating about half my minis in purple and gold paint, that was just horrible

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    TKP that\'s the best story I\'ve heard. Good thing you didn\'t swallow!

    I don\'t have any painting mess-up stories. Closest I have was when I was a little tike and used to play with them unpainted in a big piece of styrofoam packing material carved out to be an arena. Somehow I banged the thing on the end (don\'t recall the details it being around 20 years ago) and the whole thing flipped over with about 25 minis inside. Several of them broke and I never did find the rider of my \"winged beast\" (I still have the beast and I STILL haven\'t painted it!)

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    Default oh my stars...

    This is an old thread, but what a gem!

    I agree with VinceGamer, that story is absolutely hilarious....


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    I had a similar experiance. I had just painted a charichter for my Chaos Space Marine army, and was setting him down. When I acsidentily knocked over some paint stripper onto the entire army. But thank the chaos gods that their preciouse champion was safe. I ended up spending a couple of months just repainting the entire army.

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    This once happened to me, only the spray can was actually labeled as matt finish (though it actually was white primer). Another time I has some matt finish that dried with a white haze, but was clear while sparying.

    Being paranoid these days, I now test each new can.

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