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Thread: Whats your experience with selfinflicted injury while practice your hobby

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    Oh, Lord!! Non-hobby related injuries??? Unfortunately, the list is far too long :duh: Let\'s see...

    1) drove a 1/4 inch metal rod into the top of my head
    2) concussion from smacking head on the ceiling of a stairwell and subsequently bouncing it off two stone steps
    3) walked into the raised forks of a fork lift, splitting face open
    4) hit in the crotch with a travel trailer (Caravan, for you Brits, I believe)
    ... and the list goes on :)

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    Default Oh I can relate....

    Originally posted by Chern Ann
    When I was a little kid I put a pencil in my ear with the point sticking out. I then forgot it was there and reached to touch my head and stabbed my palm with the pencil. A piece of graphite broke off and embedded itself in my palm. It\'s still there. The very next year, for some reason I did it again, so there are two little black dots underneath the skin of my palm on my right hand between the index and middle finger. If I get murdered and someone cuts off all my fingers and gets my teeth, you can still identify me! :)

    I did something very similar. I think it was third grade, Except I had the pencil in my mouth (sharpened end inserted of course) Some kid (I still know his name, and will hunt him down someday!!) \'popped\' the pencil with the flat of his hand.

    I still have the offending piece of graphite in the back of my throat, about 1/2 an inch away from my uvula (or whatever that little punching bag hangy downy thing is)lollol

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    Well my hobby was gynmastics.
    I broke my right arm doing a backhandspring.
    Some how pulled my hamstring.
    Sprained my ankel countless times.
    Riped a tendon in my right ankel. ( i sometimes sprain it myself when walking, it needs surgery to repair it. but since it dosent cause my too much problems... well you know how insurance companys are!):(:~(

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    Default wait theres more!!

    I fell off a hay wagon while trying to bail hay. That wasn\'t too bad, but then about 5 bails of hay fell on top of me....

    When I worked in construction I fell through the roof of the house we were building. Stopped only when my knee smacked into the rafters....

    While working as a phone repairman, I had my ladder up on the \"strand\" (which is the metal wire that helps support the cable in between poles.) Well any how, there was a service wire going towards the house I was working on. I put the ladder up facing away from the house (which actually creates tension on the service wire). Since I had to replace the wire, I didn\'t think anything of it while I cut it in half. But of course, that released the tension of on the strand, and I was whipped very slingshot style off the ladder. It was a good lesson to always wear a safety belt when up there.....lol

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    Well, if we want to talk work related - I drove a 8 in spike of sheet metal into my right arm and didnt feel it until I noticed my arm was a little heavy. :D

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    You know, none of this speaks very well of us, does it :D We are quite obviously not the most graceful bunch out there!:duh:

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    In my case, it just seems I am always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Also I have quite a temper and will not back down even if pain is involved.
    I guess that comes from being skinnier, and considered quite intelligent as a kid, naturally making me a target for bullies.
    That is until I started punching back.

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    Default pet peeves...

    Yup, that is something bullies usually hate.

    People who punch back.

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    Ok, here is a painful one. I was using my dremmel with and Orbital cutting disk. (It is a very thin steel disk with serrated edges and spins at about 20,000 rpm on a dremmel). This thing cuts pewter like butter, so.... I was working on cutting a figure in half and it caught on the fig half way through and \"ran\". Well it ran up my thumb about an inch starting at the tip and cut down to the bone. Needless to say it HURT and bleed a lot. All I can say now it that I use protection :D

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    Default thats the reason...

    That is why I am scared to death of my Dremel. I need to get one of the vegetarian versions, like Tammy Haye has mentioned!!

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    Ya, I was a little dremmel shy for a little while after that.

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    Well, I\'ve related these stories on my Bad Juju Minis thread, but for those who came in late:

    Chaos minis. They don\'t like me. Once, when I was converting a champion of Khorne, I accidentally cut a great gash across my thumb because the blade slipped. Some of my own blood got on his face.. I guess I just decided to leave it to see if my painting skills would improve (It didn\'t, put the Liber Chaotica and Athame down! :P ).

    Chaos minis in general are stupid, I believe we\'ve all been impaled trying to glue them together by the spikes on them.

    One other thing is Nurgle minis. I ALWAYS get sick when I paint/convert them. Someone told me this may mean I am favored by Nurgie, but I usually throw myself in with Tzeentch, so... Here\'s hoping the pattern continues if I paint Slaanesh Minis.. :D

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