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    the putty has been discussed over in several other forums already but I\'ve not yet seen any news here, so I thought I\'d better let you know too.

    This is what I posted on it at 1listsculpting:

    The material is called pro-create, it\'s made in the US and has been developed with the help of miniature sculptors. That is, during the development samples with different formulations have been send to
    several sculptors worldwide which included people like jeff Valent, Werner Klocke, Stefan Nieheus, Chaz Elliott and other profesionals (oh, and an amateur: me ) which have been giving comments to
    finetune it. Mouldmaking was also tested.

    The result is a putty which is easiest to describe by comparing it to Green stuff.
    - Colour: black and grey components. The mix is grey. Interesting is that changes in ratio do not affect the colour that much so the finish is more even than a GS where different rations have been used.
    - Feel: similar to GS but softer and stickier at the start. It has no memory effect but still has enough cohesion to use push and pull techniques like you do with GS. Fine sharp details are taken quite easily. The feel can be changed from soft to somewhat rubbery by changing the mixing ratios. This also affects the final hardness after curing. This can go from slightly rubbery like with GS to a hardness close to Brown stuff.
    - Curing: curing time can be increased and descreased by heat and cold like with GS. Putty oven can be used ok. Slight brownish discolouration can occur if heated for a long time. Worktime can be
    varied by changing the mix rations. At the moment I\'m using a 65/35 white to black to grey ratio at a room temperature of about 28 centigrade (we\'re having the hottest month of June in the Dutch
    recorded weather history) and have a worktime of over two hours.
    - Dry sculpting: cutting and sawing are no problem. Sanding, filling can be done but will leave a colour difference on the surface. This can be removed using fine sandpaper though.

    For more info, it\'s discussed here: and

    Current selling places (it has just gotten to the production phase):
    Masquerade miniatures
    Jeff Valent studios

    Reaper will carry it at Gencon and Tim Mayer of the company who makes it will be there at the sculptors\' meet and convention itself if you have questions (look for a guy with a big black t-shirt sporting the pro-create logo).

    Oh, and Tom Meier just made a 4mm Napoleon just to test the material:

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Mr Meier may just be a little too much of a nutter :D

    Looking forward to trying out the putty.

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    Cool I think I gotta try this out.

    And yeah, hehe I bet Tom Meier is one of the only sculptors who\'d even attempt a portrait at 4mm :o Probably the only one who could pull it off!

    You gotta love his \"elf painting an elf painting an elf...\" miniature, he litterally sculpted a mini holding a mini (holding a mini)! lol

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