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    Here is another pre-release look at an upcoming miniature. This one is for the Skarrd.

    Golab are perhaps the most equal blend of the Baniss that once were and the grafting technology brought to them by Saint Johann and his followers. They are one of the stabilized mutations amongst the Skarrd, once an aberration but now quite common in all Skarrd tribes. Although limited in intelligence, they are as cunning and brave as any Skarrd tribesman, and larger and more skilled than most.

    Golab stand an average of just over two meters tall, their bodies comprised of thickly corded muscle. They are usually hairless, and rarely capable of learning speech. Like some sort of battle savants, they seem only capable of learning a single field of skill. For Golab, this field is combat. Their massive broadswords are so large that a normal man would require both hands to wield them, but the Golab are tall and strong enough to use them in a single hand with incredible skill. In the powerful arms of a Golab, the sword is often capable of cleaving a man’s head in two with a single blow.

    The Grafters saw the Golab as a tremendous waste of potential with only a since hand being used as a weapon, and so began outfitting the mutants with their own idea of an ideal weapon to complement the sword. The power claw that they grafted on to replace the other hand of the Golab is one of the finest examples of their craft. A crude but powerful metallic hand with three thick fingers, it is capable not only of dealing vicious blows to the enemy, but also clamping on and slowly crushing them in its hydraulic grip.


    With a little luck, a handful of these will be at GenCon Indy!

    Interesting note; this fig comes with two different sword-arms!

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    Thats really nice!

    I like Dark Age minis!

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