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    Default Gamesday Germany 06

    Not having a topic about German Gamesday here on the board is really sad, since it was a really good event.

    Okay now it´s over so here´s a lil´ review :)

    I survided the traveling with a really bad busdriver which made me think of making my testament earlier then expected ...

    The Gamesday itself was really stressy, loud and full of people. Sadly a lot of them smelled quite bad. But i really enjoyed to talk to good old friends and to meet new people there. Really loved Degras greens, never thought they could be this small with so much detail on them. Have to say it must be a real pain to pait such thiny details, i guess i´d loose my eyelight when doing so :D Degra also entered a sigmarpriest painted by cheeba. Excellent piece which was disqualified due to the fact that Cheeba wasn´t on the Gamesday. It was a bit hard, but if GW decided different they might have created a hole for those ebaybought-and-entered-by-myself-cheaters (which already caused some scandals in the US). Problem for degra was, that the rules on the website didn´t state that Cheeba had to be there, while it does not prohibit cooperations.

    There was another sad decision about some french painters coming too late to enter the competition, because they got lost in cologne, which is a driving-nightmare ... they came 7min too late so it was a hard word not to let them enter. The judges could have been nicer and accept those entries, if you consider how far the french painters travel to enter a Gamesday it wold have been just fair to give them the 7min ... But as far as i know it happened in UK too, that too late entries weren´t accepted anymore.

    The golden demon itself was really hard this year, lots of great entries, really hard competition ... one reason were the french, spanish, belgian an austrian painters. Oh and the ones from Swiss ... thought i won´t mention you Mormedil? :D
    I´m sad i did not take my camera to Gamesday, so i have to link from different forums ... or better i use the linking of someone else (Mormedil), since i´m a lazy person.

    fantasy single gold (goatman)

    degra und cheeba

    duel finalist

    jeremie, georc, goatman, ben komets und andere


    geil mein void war auch aufm foto

    bronze diorama


    Derwish from CMON made the slayersword, i think it was a well deserved win, since he captured the feel of GWs IP the best with his Orion. Maybe someone might disagree with my opinion, but i don´t care :) Have to aim for the sword next year ...

    I sadly don´t remember all of the winners, so maybe we can make a list together ... I´ll go for nicknames if i know them.

    Slayersword: Derwish

    Fantasy single gold: Goatman (me :) ) - darkelve standard
    silver: GeOrc - chaosdwarve
    bronze: ...

    Fantasy monster gold: Derwish - Orion
    silver: Hussam Nimir - Slaneesh chariot
    bronze: Trovarion - demonprince

    Fantasy unit gold: GeOrc - Darkelve witches
    silver: ...
    bronze: ...

    40k single gold: Trovarion - some kind of spacemarine priest
    silver: ... - spacemarine
    bronze: ... - imperial servitor

    40k monster gold: Banshee - Ogryn
    silver: ...
    bronze: ...

    40k unit: ... some flying tyranids
    silver: ... chaos servitors?
    bronze: ...

    lotr gold: David Waeselynck - gollum
    silver: ...
    bronze: ... King of Khand on chariot

    Diorama gold: Goatman - Sisters of battle (pimped my old diorama :) )
    silver: ...
    bronze: Matt Cexwish - Imperial diving experiments (should have been gold imho)

    Duell gold: ...
    silver: ...
    bronze: ...

    Inquisitor/big scale gold: Ben Komets - Vostroyan sergant
    silver: bestienmeister - asurmen
    bronze: ... - chaosdwarve

    Youngbloods gold: a girl (big talented) - Galadriel
    silver: ... - vostroyan
    bronze: ... - vostroyan

    open gold: Banshee - wounded soldier
    silver: Ben Komets - 40k beastman
    bronze: ... - looked like something found on the dump (sorry don´t know what it should have been, but noone thought this should have placed 3rd)

    Hope i did not loose a category and sorry that i haven´t remembered all the names, i´m getting old :)

    Some words to my own entries :) I was very surprised that the diorama placed first, never thought it would place at all ... it is nicely painted but nothing new and only pimped a bit. I thought Matt should have taken first and wanted to make a bet with him ... ^^
    The second entrie was my darkelve cick i sculpted a year ago. I di´dn´t want to go to this years GamesDay, since i´m having my diploma at the moment, which is a bit stressy ... but i decided to pimp the old darkelve and take the ride to cologne. I started to paint her early July. After one week of painting i felt really bad, had heavy problems with my eyes, headache and felt like drunken all the time. Thought it was the weather :D So after a weak of complete feel-bad-painting i went to the doctor, got to hospital and go to know that i was having diabetes and was entered there short before coma ... what a fun. I was painting a bit in the hospital, didn´t work that well since i couldn´t see that good at this moment. Good thing was that my sight got better with every new day, so i could finish the darkelve lady at least one day before gamesday. That´s the lil´story behind it ... ;)

    edit: found another great link :)

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    Congratulations............Thanks for sharing the photos, and I hope you are feeling better now:D

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    bronze: ... - looked like something found on the dump (sorry don´t know what it should have been, but noone thought this should have placed 3rd)
    This thing was in fact progenoid glands stocked in a phase container.

    And for the girl who won the golden youngblood its a belgian girl her name is Vanessa...(forgot her familly nam...><)

    She whas on the painting class with Jeremie Bonamant,the mini for this class whas...Galadriel^^

    Yes you get it,the mini she presented whas the mini she\'s painting during the painting class ^^,amazing ins\'t it?

    And the Belgians Dogs of War(the name of the belgian team) brought back to Brussels 6 Golden Deamons ^^(golds and silvers)

    Banshee was wiht us during the class and whas working on his Arwen for a LoTR entry but get the silver with it if i remember correctly

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    it was fun to meet everyone and congratulations for all the winners. sorry for those disqualified/not allowed to enter :( I wanted to congratulate Vanessa too, that was really outstanding work for her age! but then I prolly didnt speak her language and didnt want to scare her ^^

    It was great to see all the french minis close up, especially jeremie\'s Ogre. And thanks to \"Team DEutschland\" for sharing the evenings with me. Had some nice chat\'s with Goatman, it\'s good to see you are not taking the diabetis thing too hard (hope so at least) all the best anyway!

    after seeing the sword on the pics i have to say it\'s ok that it won, just the base - imho - somehow didnt fit the entry. none the less: congratulations!

    As for my stuff I was suprised by the gold in 40k, I really didn\'t expect it but I am still happy. When I finished sculpting my other entries (Which took longer than expected) I had 20 days so a good 160 hours (hollidays!) left to paint my stuff, but those days were hell on earth, with 36° in my foking flat I couldnt even think about painting during the day, so I painted at night...the loss of sleep didnt help the quality, so I was realistic about them, hence the bronce for my Belakor was kewl.

    my first ever scratchbuilt chaos barbarian was \"too unGWish\" like a few more models (awesome fairy, whoever did it!) but I was pleased with how my first sculpt turned out, I\'ve seen worse first atempts :P .congrats to goatman for winning the category.

    hope to see you all next year :) maybe i can get the french to cheer for me too some time :D :bouncy: ;)

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    Thanks Goatman for the info. And CongratulationS~~!!!

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    congratulations to all the winners! I can\'t wait to see the pics.

    I was sorry to hear about the controversy with the french painters arriving late, and being denied entry to the\'s a shame when things like that occur.


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    hehe oh cool you mentioned me? was nice to meet you goatman :D

    yeah was a nice GD.. met a lot of people and it was great to see peope acting as model for me like goatman, jeremie, the spanish and so on.

    i even got two times the final cut with my void dragon (which i pimped up after the itlaian GD) and a new done diorama (

    what i know more

    Fantasy unit
    silver: Mordred with nurgle kniggits

    40k unit
    bronze: simon m with space marines in TM

    silver: holger schmitt

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    Default I can only say WOW and congratulations to all the winners

    The winning entries seem stunningly good. Congratulations to all the winners. I will hopefully be coming next year. Best wishes //ALEX

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    Not able to enter for the sake of 7 minutes?! :flame: I can imagine all the hard work and anticipation the french guys went through, only to be rewarded for it with dissapointment!
    Your a long time dead and 7 little minutes is less than a fraction of a heartbeat. GW should seriously review their policies!

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    Jeah, the really, really bad thing about that is, that they opened 10 minutes late... Plus they said to Jeremie, that French guys always are arrogant and stuff... that was enough, so Jeremie decided to take his minis back... Really bad thing for the German Games Day...:(...

    I am happy with my Bronze in Diorama, I will try to get some pics on CMON soon, but I guess it will take some time until I have good ones (Hooooliday...:D...)...

    Maybe I post some Pics and a Video of Jeremie teaching us some of his Philosophy...

    During the German Games Day some people who already won a Demon gathered around Jeremie Bonamant Teboul and asked him some questions about his point of view... about techniques in general and so on...

    Here I present you a video, in which he talks about the use of Yellow and Blue in Highlights and Shadows, it is very short, but you may get some kind of impression... Please remember that Jeremie will come to the US to teach his painting classes, there is a thread elswhere on CMON Forum...:)... ...

    Some Pics...

    Jeremie and his pupils...:D... \" Let me finish this Burger first...\"...:D...

    \"*Mampf*... There you go...\"...

    The awesome box full of painted pleasure... well, it seems that he will have to glue some parts after coming home...

    Free choice...

    \"Two left Ands, you see...?...\"...:D...

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    Originally posted by Matt Cexwish

    The awesome box full of painted pleasure... well, it seems that he will have to glue some parts after coming home...
    Dosn\' t he always have to do that. The sight of the oger before he took it to beligum almost made me cry. Hopfully one day he\'ll get sick of spending half his time reparing minis and buy a new box :P

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    im amazed he carrys them around like that

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    Originally posted by Matt Cexwish
    Please remember that Jeremie will come to the US to teach his painting classes, there is a thread elswhere on CMON Forum...:)...
    Where!?! Where!?!

    I\'ll fly anywhere for a painting lesson from him!


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    congradulations to all the winners. And thanks for the pictures. Truly inspiring work for us!!


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    Default yes

    congratulations to all winners :)

    And in Toronto, Jeremie had that box with him....poor can\'t be that comfortable in there :D


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    shit pics from games workshop about the german golden demon.. i cannot believe they took such bad pics...

    hi to all, and congrats to all the winners..

    some problems with the organization of the event..

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    Congratulations evreybody! Glad you had a good time :) Dos anyone have photos of the Youngbloods winners? I\'d be interested to see them :)


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    At the bottom where it says youngblood ;)

    Alfonso: Wow looks like your mini got a blown up treatment. Huge pics :P But nice work non the less. Congrats :D

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    it is the best way to destroy a miniature.. takin pics from the bottom and with that flash!!.. cannot believe.. thanks anyway.. i\'ll put better ones.

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