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Thread: Is it worth the money???

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    Default Is it worth the money???

    Is it just me or do others here feel like myself in that the new Orc & Goblin army deal is not worth the money???

    Orc & Goblin Army Deal

    For £145 this does not seem like a very good deal especially when you compare it with The Battle for Skull Pass Box where it seems the box is over flowing and only costs £40.

    Battle for Skull Pass

    I like the new figures but the army deal seems to be only the command is new and the Orcs are old style anybody know if I am right or wrong???

    I know the goblins are all new and the Dwarves are fairly recent but what about the Orcs???

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    hmmm, I am a bit torn on this one. Having done the maths roughly in my head, it works out that you get the army book and possibly a couple of characters free (depending on how much that ace new warboss and standard bearer will cost) and also the special edition shaman, which by the looks of him I don\'t seem too fussed about.

    But it DOES seem a bit of a skank, I mean they don\'t even chuck in a Black orc command with the squad!

    In respect to the plastic orcs, I think the current ones are just fine, having bought and assembled a box yesterday, and will suffice for a good while yet.

    I personally will give this one a miss, so then I can buy them a unit at a time and get the mini\'s I want, giving me time to paint one unit before buying the next (well, thats the plan anyway...) Theres no doubt you do save a bit of money with the army deals, and you get some stuff, army book and ltd editions before they are on general release, but I prefer geting what I want when I want and not having to fork out £145 upfront but each to their own!

    Skull pass is fantastic value for money however! I don\'t even mind the majority being one piece models- I still like the looks of them.

    (P.S- tis also released the day before U.K. Gamesday, and I am guessing that a lot of people would prefer to take their pennies to the NEC! Plus you should be able to get the majority of the stuff on advanced release at their retail stands.)

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    That is exactly the way I am thinking, go to GD and buy the bits I want rather than shell out for old figures...with the other deals at least you were getting new figures.

    As for Skull pass being one piece models so what??? after all aren\'t most mini\'s these days one piece castings i.e. Vostroyans for example, hell you can always cut the arms and legs off if you want to mod them :D (bit like eating Jelly Babies lollollol )

    No I think I will stay with my origonal thoughts and see what they have loose on the stands at GD and if the standard bearer is limited to the box deal only then yu never know they might do the same as the woodelf standard bearer in a few months and sell him seperately.

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    The battle box is good but the minis are a little basic. Still worth it as army fillers. Im gunna buy one. The other army deal looks good but you can price them induvidually.

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    Haven\'t you read GW\'s Annual report!


    Buy it now...don\'t wait, just buy.

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    inflations up 2.4% which means gw prices might be up 25%

    one step ahead :idea:

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    I think I\'ll just get Skull Pass. I do like the Warboss and love the standard bearer. Will those guys be available seperately? Or is this one of those only get it in the box deals? Anyone?

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    They come together in one box a plastic hero lord box thingy..

    The other thing about that army deal is it\'s not exactly a good army.....

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    oops double post. A lot of the boxed armies from Gw now don\'t so much emphasise on the money saving but on the ge stuff early premise...however there isn\'t a lot to gettoo early really although buying it and putting that stuff on ebay will recover a lot of the cost..:beer:

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    i wouldnt buy the army set its alot of money and you may find that a unit or character you buy with the set you wont need so a bit useless

    (i speak from experiance:))

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    the battle for skull pass set is easily better than the new orc battalion, but has anyone one noticed that the goblins, besides being crummy unconvertable one-piece models, are about 5 mm shorter than the standard 6th edition nightgoblins. in my army, this will make my existing night goblins look like buffed up \"night gobbo big \'uns\" lol

    .:orcs pwn:.

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    I noticed the shortness factor when I got the latest white dwarf and got the promotional dwarf and goblin minis.

    I\'m not sure if the Orc & Goblin army deal is worth it, mainly because I feild legions of the little blighters rather than the big blokes. If I were to go either rode I\'d go for the Skull Pass box as it gives me a rulebook for less than the cost of the rulebook.

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    dedwrekka - how did you work that one out.

    Rulebook is 30 pounds

    Battle for skullpass 40 pounds.

    Unless you actively want the models, it\'s not worth it.

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    Its definitely a miss for me! Too much old stuff, plus the Shamen model is poor. It is only a 2 week wait to get the army book anyway!

    Now the Eldar army is another matter....


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    Yeah, the eldar army will be cool, although, I\'m not that keen on most of the models in the army deal. Will have to see.

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    Why worry if they are shorter, after all at the end of the day the average human varies in height from 5ft to 6ft + so why shouldn\'t goblins and other creatures???

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    I dont think you can compare the two, all the skull pass models are single pieces. I\'ve looked closely at all the minis at my gw shop and I gotta say the dwarf models are lacking. Especially the slayers those are right trash. The goblin minis are much better. It feels like a lot more time was spent on these. They don\'t have as much of the obvious indciations of a one piecer. Like filler spots and overly sloping lines to accomidate mold release.

    As for the army box they are rarely any kind of a deal. In the US they price out the same as buying the stuff seperatly + whatever special fig you get.

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    Iv pre ordered the skulls pass set for the goblins, i like the dwarf troll slayer but thats about it from that army. The GW in my area is doing a mega painting night from 8pm till 4am on the fri night then a huge skull pass game at 11am on the sat, so iv put my name down for both of these!

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