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    Anyone no of any good adventure books, where you have to write down all of your inventory and flick to the pages where they tell you to go next.
    Iv been going through some old Lone Wolf books from 1987 (Older than me!) and would like to know if theres any newer well rated ones.

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    The \"Fighting Fantasy\" series of books are the best known I believe. I used to really like them.

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    There\'s another series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and others. (It\'s the fighting fantasy series)

    it\'s pretty good. One of the books was Deathtrap Dungeon.

    i\'ll see if I can find a link.

    edit. Linky here

    Robot Commando, Freeway fighter and armies of death were among my favourites.

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    Yeah, I have one of the fighting fantasies books. It confused me though, as does warhammer.

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    Yes, I inherited a few from my cousin. Can\'t remember what they were called, from the \'70-80s though, and by the guys who created GW... Can\'t remember their names, may well have been that Livingstone dude and his chum. I\'ll see if I can find them anywhere :D

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    i had a random kid version when i was about had puzzles in and wass pretty random

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    you should be able to do a search for \"Fighting Fantasy\" at any online book store and get quite a few hits.

    Chances are you can find a couple at your local library too.

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    Anyone remember the Fabled Lands books, they were pretty good

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    Iv had a look on Amazon and can get a pack of the first 8 fighting fantasy books for £20, there was also a new one released last year which is £5 brand new.

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    Before you spedn hard earned cash, I\'ve found the fabled lands books that were published available for download.

    Click me

    you may have to sign up for the yahoo groups thing but that\'s really not a huge issue.

    The Lone wolf series was also interesting in that you could keep the same character throughout the whole series.

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    im dont really understand what you said but i just woke up! Goosebumps has books like those I think. but Goosebumps isnt really adventurous:)

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    I did some of the goosebumps books when i was little! They used to get really boring because all the paths crossed so many times you found yourself in the same place over and over again! Really easy though:D !

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    If anyone has an old Acorn computer my friend and I wrote a 10000 line text adventure in BASIC :P in about year 8-9

    It was lame though... Ahh such memories...

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    Loved the Fighting Fantasy series in my youth......
    The best of them all has to be Steve Jackson\'s \'Sorcery\'. A series of four books in all, plus a book of spells. Classic.
    Ive used a few FF books for D&D campaigns.

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