With all the previews and upcoming releases we've been showing you lately, we felt it was about time to show some New Releases that are available NOW.

This month sees more support for the Forsaken lines.

DAG1110 Forsaken Ravage Warband Boxset

This boxset comes complete with 6 Dark Age miniatures. Included in this box are 1 special edition Ravage miniature (available only in this box), one Ravage Leader plus 4 standard Ravage miniatures.

The Ravage have the dubious honor of being considered the most insane of all of the Forsaken corps. One of the founding units of the Army of the Forsaken, they wade into battle laden with bandoliers of hand grenades, devices that are still widely mistrusted by the soldiers of the Forsaken Armies. Generally deployed in proportion to units of Bane, Ravage are sent forward to break up mobs of the enemy, softening them for the charge of the mace-wielding shock troopers. Once their crucial grenade assault is completed, however, they are not done with the fight. Ravage are also armed and trained with dual maces much like those of the Coil. Although larger and not quite as quick as the Morning Sticks, these weapons also serve often to knock opponents from their feet, making them vulnerable to massed assaults.

DAG1038 Forsaken Ravage Leader

And to introduce some variety to the motley Skarrd, we have an alternate sculpt for the Bone Doc.
DAG3023 Skarrd Bone Doc #2

The Bone Doctors are inheritors of the same type of gift as the Fathers, having manifested their own abilities in the same generation. They could hardly be more different, however. Young Bone Doctors are noisy, boisterous and quite demanding. These shamanastic individuals seem to share a strange Ability to read omens and signs in casual everyday events, while being frighteningly insightful judges of character and intent. It isn't known if this is an aspect of their powers or a symptom of their madness.

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