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    Default Beastmen army ...

    Anyone knows where i can obtain the army list and description for beastmen?

    I know they use to have it on the website but now it seem to be gone? cos of the pending launch?

    Also, when exactly is the launch? Where can I read about it?

    Thanx in advance.

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    Well I don\'t know for the list. Maybe you should try calling the GW trolls to ask them. Tell them you\'ll buy a whole army if you can find the list and I\'m sure they\'ll get you one in the next few seconds. lol
    Has for the launch I know it\'s the next army coming up so I would guesse it\'s going to be during the summer, It counts has part of the year of chaos. :flame:
    I hate chaos. grrrrrrrrr. I want wood elfes

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    no no no no no! frenchkid - you dont want those poncy wood elves. get some chaos down ya!! slaanesh calls.

    also - the enw beastmen look good, dont they? at last - plastics!!:D

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    those centaur gors look pretty cool :cool:

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    I\'ll have to look through my old White Dwarfs because they had a list called \"Beasts of Chaos\" that will be used until the book comes out. I think it\'s spread over two or more issues, though.

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    Default thanx chrispy...

    many thanxs chrispy but don\'t worry, no hurry.

    btw, i luv those centaur-like beast too and plastic is a plus (lighter on the wallet :D )...moreover, can always convert those pieces from chaos to the beastmen army (Eg. the Chaos Minataur to a Beastmen lord!)

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