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    Default Ever notice...

    The GW used to make decent models once upon a time...

    What happened? Their new stuff is crud compared to the older stuff I see.

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    I agree. I still like the concepts of the miniatures but it seems like a lot of the time the miniatures don\'t get a lot of TLC when they are cast.

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    From what I\'ve seen these days they\'re more interested in making plastic minis than good metal ones. I used to insist that all my minis were Games Workshop 10 or so years ago, but I dropped out of that mood a few years ago when I realized what crap they were passing off. They\'ve got the best plastic, tho -- the Mordheim set was good. Much better than the old school Terminators from the first Space Hulk attempt... lol

    But these days I\'ve seen too many mold lines right through faces screwing up all the detail. I do like their LotR line, tho\'.

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    Default The good old days

    Maybe it is like with comic books. I used to collect them, and I liked them. Then I grew up, and comics wouldn\'t cut it anymore. I had to resort to graphic novels, illustrated books and even (gasp!), books with no pictures in them!!.

    When I started collecting and painting, I really loved the old Citadel minis, though now they seem crude next to Reaper\'s and i-Kore\'s.

    I do not think that GW\'s minis are worse now, it\'s just that they are the same concept redone far too many times.

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    Yeah. I find that a lot of the older GW is okay mouldwise but most of the cool figures are in very \"static\" poses. Hawkmoon was one of my favorites and a few of the old Skaven. There dragons are pretty cool though. My buddy is in the middle (or beginning depoending on your outlook) of painting Prince Imrik on his Drake.

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default Old School GW

    Yeah, I used to be quite devoted to GW back in the early ninties, but nowadays I prefer Reaper, Crucible, Rackham, Clan War, Eureka, etc. GW\'s just too expensive and yes, the casting quality is sometimes poor.

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