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    Well you doubt that then. But thats what he said.

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    No it\'s possible I was told that when on studio tour not long back.
    They are aiming for Easter bu this snag may have set them back a bit more.
    As they say they wouldn\'t have missed the opportunity to launch the O&G\'s with him if it had been ready..

    btw here\'s the new Skarsnik I\'ve just painted him today and he was great fun only took a couple of hours can\'t wait to get another one.
    let me know what you think..

    skarsnik and gobbla voteriffic link of doom.

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    ..pimping... (?)

    Aww, how comes everyone but me seems to have seen this \'ere über mini...?

    Im envious!

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    I like putting stuff like that on the wyverns. Thats always fun and then trying to come up with some bogus exscuse that lets you use it. I tried that with a previous model........... didnt quite worklol

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