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    Default !st WIP ever - Doomseeker

    I do love this model. Here we go anyway. I was painting this up for Colours on Sunday, but \'Life\' is getting in the way (Did you spot the deliberate spelling mistake! Only 1 letter out)

    I have move the pose a bit to get the appearance of some movement on the axes if I can.

    The skin has had its base of bestial brown and 1st layer of bestial brown/VMC dark Flesh.

    I am going for a red on the trousers (Following War Griffons method to see) and to tone up to brighter orange on the hair.

    Love your feedback

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    looks good so far. You might want to even out your skin color base coat though

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    How say? What do you mean as I have popped the first layer above base on.

    Do you think this is too uneven and translucent?

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    Well no entry to colours as got stuck on sprog duty all day.

    Update posting

    2 more skin layers

    1. Bestial brown: VMC dark flesh 40:60
    2. As above but with touch of Elf Flesh

    Its coming on but loughs a lot rougher in the photos for some reason especialy the right sid eof the head.

    I think I will have to sort that out.

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    Its a great mini the skin looks ok so far can you get a bigger shot?

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    yeah, I mean\'t that the skin layer was too transluscent. you don\'t have to worry about that now thanks to the second group of pics. keep it up

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    I\'ll try and get a bigger shot of skin for the next one (I pixelated some of the last pics). Could be a couple of days as busy. Let\'s hope not.

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    Looking good so Far I really do love these little fellas.....nice work..

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    Skin layer - VMC Dark Flesh with GW Elf Flesh

    Chain - VMC - gunmetal grey basecoat

    Hair - VMC Cadmium Red (got this at a show last weekend. Love it)

    Eyebrows not yet done I know as knackered by 11pm last night.

    Hey but day off work tomorrow, so who knows.

    debating colour of axes. Thinking of quite a light and bright silvery bronze.

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    Right Then

    Been away for too long. Got sidetracked helping someone paint his orcs for a game. Then got stuffed!! Be glad to get away from green for a whille

    Anyway, current update photos are below.(Disappointed with them this time - having trouble getting light balance)

    Added an ink wash to the skin to give a little warmth - GW Chestnut/W&N Nut Brown
    Chains and axes have been updated with highlights of VMC Natural Steel and then GW Chainmail - I will probably go for a last highlight of Mithril Silver.

    All the golden items have been started with a bestial brown basecoat, which I find aids coverage than when I use black. Then initial coat of VMC Bronze follow by a first highlight of Old Gold. I am trying to get a nice Sky Earth type highlight on the metals obvious with metallic paints, especially on all the curved surfaces such as the chains and hair ferrules.. It\'s something I\'ve never really tried before. There will be a little touching up to do inside the arm rings though.

    Been working on the reds and a bit slow progress. Gradually highlighting up with VMC Cadmium Red and adding bit more GW Blood Red in each coat. Have done 2 and done a wash of W & N Deep Red Ink and GW Bestial Brown. Its slow going. If anyone has better suggestions on red I\'mm all ears. I want to finish the hair and legs in slightly different tones though and am considering adding stripe (white in black) down front and back of trousers.

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