how to sculpt scales like on a snake or dinosaur skin?
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Thread: how to sculpt scales like on a snake or dinosaur skin?

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    Default how to sculpt scales like on a snake or dinosaur skin?

    At that link, the texture on the snake and on the hunter (dino rider) would one get such texture on a miniature?



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    Well, I guess one way to do it would be to find some sort of shape that tessalates

    (Fits against itself without gaps)

    Such as a pen lid (Not a round one, obviously) And use this to press the shapes into a semi-cured green stuff (Or whatever medium you are using)

    The more-time consuming way would be to simply etch the shapes with a sharp tool - but if it\'s a large figure that would take AGES...

    I\'m trying to remember another way, but I can\'t... I\'m SURE I saw SOMETHING like this...

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    Sanjay, your best bet is to ask Eric :D he has a user name on here :D and does frequent the place.

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    Default hheh

    i know he does :) but asking him and Jeff (sculptor of the snakeman) was my next option :P

    I figured with the 1000s of experienced people here, there would be many methods replied :)


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    Well, I have heard of people using various sizes of needles so I surpose you could try that method.

    Have you had a look on Frothers (probably got the name wrong) there might be something there.

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    I recently made myself a range of texture blocks..
    Basically take sculpey and either carve or press the pattern you want into it.
    after firing you can press GS into it to get a consistent scaly pattern or whatever texture you want across a large area.

    If you want to do the diamond type pattern like snakeskin then start by placing a layer of GS. Then do evenly spaced diagonal lines with a sharp lubricated knife blade.Then go back across these with another line of diagonal lines at an angle producing the diamond in the middle.
    You can then gently rub over with something like a colour shaper to enhance the scaly texture.
    Recently done it on a commission I\'m working on (3 engines of the gods and a carnosaur). Pics of these soon as well as a diorama with a complete scratchbuilt snake representing Sotek being summoned on it........lots of lizardy goodness.

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    One way is to make lods of little greenstuff balls and then squash them down. I used the round end of a paintbrush.

    For the dragon scales its the same principle as scale mail, there was a thread on this a while back, but I\'m too lazy to do a search...

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    Default demonherald

    I need to know for a \"carnosaur\"...well, oldlbood on a spinosaur, and I want to make a yaun-ti Anathema as well...

    (and Nakai at some point in the future and wanted to a serpent of sotek but no rules for it so no point)

    Can\'t wait to see your serpent, engines, and carnosaur :) (my only WH army..well GW army in general, is a fantasy lizardmen army of like 8k points or something stupid like that)..hehe


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    cool stuf I\'ve seen your gallery and like what you\'ve done.
    As for Nakai. I am working on one of those as well he is gonna be heeuuge!!!
    The body is the Wing Nightmare the Blood dragon vamp is usually mounted on it looks like a giant saurus body.

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    Origineel geplaatst door TrevorFor the dragon scales its the same principle as scale mail
    Like this?

    For the other type of scale I\'d also use tubes and patterns.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Default Scalles

    Long time ago, I saw a tip on how to sculpt scales ( :wow: ) and the technique was :
    Take some Fimo and make a thin flat layer. Then take a long knife and cut lines to obtain losanges ( I don\'t know the english name ) and cook it. Then separate each form and glue it on your model. :idea:

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