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    Well im getting into painting very seriously now ,and hoping to become very good at it as its very enjoyable!

    I have a few questions so i hope you can all help me

    1. Do you know any sites , links or information to help me paint faces (eyes )

    Shading and Blending


    and any other techniques i can use!!.

    2. Any information you can tell me on miniatures would be good , eg paints, brushes , and so forth

    3. How do i change my avatar

    Any help you can all give will be fantastic!!!

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    This is good for brushes
    i would generally have a look in the articles section, there is a wealth of info there.

    For Avatar go to \"\"your account\"
    dont forget to post your piccy too:D

    For eyes and faces, I have done a simple tutorial but I\'m sure there are much better ones, have a look, and if I can help PM me

    shading and blending

    click language, model color and look at the bottom of the page

    Oh and I dont like to pimp my mini\'s as Torn Blue Sky will tell you, :rolleyes: but here\'s the finished article

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    Thanks very much Krom!!! Much appreciated.

    Also may you guide me to the Article section?

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    Right hand side of voting screen you will see under community, \"Articles
    Hope this helps

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    Is there any point to your post what so ever?

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    I think J2FcM
    is laughing, because he was asking the same Questions a month ago :D

    Are you getting any further with your stuff:D

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