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    Finally having found a local place that carries FIMO, I decided to purchase a pack and try it out. I generally like it\'s properties, but one thing annoys the heck out of me. It\'s adhesiveness is poor to say the least (especially compared to GS). I found this is really problematic when working on thin parts of the armature such as arms and legs. For the arms of the armature I tend to use thin twisted copper wire which I thought the FIMO would stick to, but no, it just kept breaking and falling off. It wouldn\'t stick very well to the legs, which I had first covered in a thin layer of milliput, either.

    Then I tried mixing in a bit GS with the FIMO, didn\'t help much.

    So, any tips on how to make it stick to the armature?

    Also, can you bake FIMO several times (as in: sculpt a few details, then bake, then sculpt some more details, bake again a.s.o.)? If so, about how many bakings does it hold up to?

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    you can bake it as many times as you like.

    all it takes is for it to over baked once tho, so be carefull.

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    Why don\'t you try a layer of green stuff on the wire armature first. I read somewhere that covering the wire with a layer of greenstuff gives the fimo - or sculpey - something to adhere to. I have tried that, and it works well for me.

    good luck!

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    Thanks guys! :beer:

    Good idea about the green stuff. Will definitely try that out.

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    yeah that should work great.. read it in Cyrils article:) dont forget the pics :yawn:

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    Default other option

    for this parts, wrap copper wire around the armature.

    movie studios, etc generally wrap more wire around large armatures.

    Stuff like sculpey and fimo are great as they don\'t dry up so you can work for months on something until you are happy BUT due to that, they are NOT epoxy\'s like green stuff.

    Both have benefits and drawbacks.


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    Problem with wrapping wire on this scale is that it soon gets too thick, especially on limbs.

    Anyway I tried the green stuff base method and it worked wonders :beer: Thanks again.

    @Sonny: Okay I\'ll post a few pics in my thread in the WIP section, check it out.

    Btw I was surprised and honored to see my Varghar in the World of Minis banner :)

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    Hold the FIMO in your hand and let it warm up a bit. It will help the adhesion a bit.

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