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    Default \"Mini\" contest...

    Something that came up in the shout box was the possibility to run little contests where a group of people paint the same model of figure, and then we all post our version with the same name to compare... Sorta like our own Vision in Color, but we don\'t get the mini donated to us for free. ;) No prices other than an electronic pat on the back. Any interest in this?

    If so, we\'d need to figure out what mini to do... Since this is pretty much an international board, it would need to be a mini that can be accessable for everyone -- which would probably rule out the Confrontation minis -- and would probably mean that it has to be GW. (How accessable is Reaper or WotC\'s Chainmail minis outside the US? I don\'t know...)

    Any comments?

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    I would be in as long as I could find somewhere to get the mini from. It would have to be a common one at least....

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    Hey is not this site hosted by Newwave miniatures?

    Then there is the location to order from.

    Now I already have read all the feed back on theminiaturespage.com but I am willing to chance it for 1 miniature.

    So What do you say Borg? Select a mini, get a lot ready, and have a sale.

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    I think the problem with New Wave handling all the shipments is that it\'s harder for non US people to get a hold of the miniature in question. It might take them weeks to get the mini or shipping rates might be quite extraordinary.

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    Perhaps rather than everyone having to find the same mini it could be a category... like the elves painting contest. Or a gandalf type wizard contest, or orc, babe with blade, whatever. That way people would at least be in the same ballpark. :)

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    This is a good idea. A Reaper Grail Knight contest! Perfect!

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    Default CMON Mini Contest...

    How about this... we will decide what kind of miniature we want? Male, Female? Sci Fi, Fantasy? Monster, Humunoid? Whatever that may be and I will go ahead and have it sculpted and produced. Everyone will be charged for the figure when they are produced. I can even ship out a load to Europe to have them ship out from there, not a problem. Whoever paints one and turn in a picture to coolmini gets a credit for his order. (time limit??) Obviously we cannot please everyone with what is to be sculpted, but we will do it maybe up to 4 times a year if response is good and we will rotate what we sculpt. Does that sound fair? I am game if you are...


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    Hey I would be in for sure for something like that! The only problem that arises is the paying. Money orders okay I wonder?

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    Wow, uh, that would be pretty amazing... We\'d have to put a poll together to see what people would want. You\'d know the logistics behind this a lot more than I would...

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    Default CMON Mini Contest...

    This is just an idea. We will need your help to make this into reality. I have them seperated into different categories. We will have yet another poll once we are done with this one to further define the mini that \"most\" people want to paint... vote away :bouncy:


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    I\'m in. sounds like a great project!

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    sounds great ... i\'ve already voted


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    Default \"Mini\" contest

    I\'m up for that idea. As for the supply of mini\'s I ordered Confrontation fig from \'Brookhurst Hobbies\' and received in UK within ten days. Which I thought was not too bad.
    Here\'s a thought competitors order minis, aknowledge receipt and a moderator specifies start & finish date of comp.

    What thoughts please?

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    I would like to participate if it were like Visions of Color, where each person gets to interpret the mini their own way. I think that is a fun contest to look at.

    As long as they give prizes to the lowest scoring entry to I am set!! :)

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    Count me in, I\'m always ready for contests, just for the pleasure of display miniatures.


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    Default \"Crappy Mini Or Not\"

    Hey all! Just a reminder that I have my \"fun\" exhibit still raging on throught the storm! Everyone can get in on it so there! Check it out. It is funny. It is at my site.....lol

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    Yeah! I\'m up for anything now... Got a crappy mini done, a VIC mini done, and I\'d like to put a CMON mini in there. I\'ve been having a ball lately.

    Mike McCuen

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    Default definately in

    sounds like a great idea. thanks for taking the initiative, Borg. would we by chance be able to pay with paypal or something equally convenient?

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