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    As soon as we get the final word on what mini we are making, I will go ahead and make sure that this will be as painless as possible. We will make sure payment is not complicated and we will utilize all our business partners and have different shipping points in the U.S., Europe and Asia to make sure that shipping cost is down to a minimum.

    The hard part is to make sure that we decide on a miniature that most people would like to paint...


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    It is very nice to see that your taking this seriously.

    How long is the Poll going to be up?

    Is it going to be anounced in the \"pop up News\"?

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    Well, there are almost 1000 members on this site. I would say once we get 500 votes (many will vote more than once I assume) and we will have another poll which will have a shorter span to narrow it down to something that most of us want. I welcome any suggestions... I will put it in the news now...:idea:


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    Great idea, I might even buy a decent camera specially!lol

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    Default The bandwagon

    Like everyone else I am jumping on this bandwagon. What I particularly like about this idea, is it lets the regular people vote on what they think is the best mini, rather then a couple of judges. I think this gives a much fairer result.

    What rules, if any would be applied to the contest?


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    I\'m new here(been lurking rather long though:)) but It sounds really cool so count me in....

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    I\'d like to participate, if there is a place for Froggy\'z.

    It could be interresting to count how many European painters will participate


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    I\'m game, even though I have limited experience. I think that it is often inspirational to see what good people can do even if I am not going to be part of that group.

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    This is too cool...and a great incentive to take the leap and get that camera!:D

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    The idea would work, the best mini set to use would be GW, they are readilly available all over the place, so choose the figure and lets paint!

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    I\'m up for it.... :bouncy:

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    I don\'t know about that, some people might give 1\'s to everybody so they win too.

    I was just kidding about the prizes part I think it is a fun idea and plus I get a unique miniature out of it too.

    See yah.

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    That is not possible... we have all kinds of ways to prevent that from happening. Can\'t tell you how we do it, but it is not possible to low ball nice pics:)


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    If the vote is close enough, is it possible to do a combo miniature where we have a mounted and unmounted version like the Rackham Red Lioness? Or perhaps an evolutionary one with the same character at later and later times, like the old Ral Partha PCs? That might make the final mini just a bit more unique.

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    Anything is possible... the poll is just a good starting point. Don\'t forget there are no rules, we can do whatever we want. But do bear in mind that the more complex we make this, the longer it will take and the more it will cost at the end. I am up for anything, just some some food for thought.


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    Remember that some people cannot afford to do a large scale or very complex piece, expecially with the conversion rate for our beloved Canadian penny!

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    I\'m up for it.

    I think that a 54mm human adventurer would be the best choice for a figure, if specially made piece is to be used. The scale allows for a combination of high detail and open surface on the same figure. That should produce a very diverse range of paint schemes.

    I\'m advocating a human figure because people are the most challenging subjects an artist can try to depict. We all know what a person should look like and any flaws tend to stand out.

    I like science fiction but I think fantasy figures are a better choice. They seem to have a wider audience.

    If a common production figure is to be used we might consider something from Andrea\'s historical line. They have a great Cardinal Richelieu. They are a Spanish company and should be readily available in Europe. There are also several US vendors online.

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