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    Hello All

    Well im starting a Helms Deep Diorama, very big and super kool with lots of minis!!!

    So keep an eye outwhen i have some pictures up!!!

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    Have you got anything done so far? Get some WIP\'s up if you have.

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    This thread is worthless without pics...:cool:

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    Dont post in this thread War if your going to say that!

    Ok well i got some WIP done up so here we go :D

    There is a fair few pics but hopefully it gives you all a good idea of whats going on :D

    Here we go!

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    I do apologise for the rough shots!

    But at the moment ive been very busy! :)

    Ill get things more organzied soon. Hope you like :D

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    Wolfclaw, I didn\'t say that because I was trying to be nasty. I was just eager to see some pictures....I do apologize if it came out the wrong way....
    Anyway, the wall looks good so far. How many sections are you going to have?

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    Ok thats fine sorry i wasnt in a good mood :) THanks for the compliment!

    Also yeah this is the whole whole section im using! this is it for the diorama, now i will paint and add detail and start the work on the base and miniatures!

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    Looking cool so far!

    What did you make the walls and rock out of?

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    Plaster of Paris! , and the battlements of foam board

    Ive begun the painting and its beggining to take shape!

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    Plaster of Paris eh? Sounds like the difficult but rewarding way to go. Looking real good so far. :drunk:

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    lot of work:cool:

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