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    Default Spider Lady

    Just thought I\'d share pics of my latest finished mini.

    I\'m having a purge at the moment trying to paint minis that have been sitting on my desk for ages. I started this one about 4 years ago when I first started painting. Needless to say I didn\'t get very far with her so this weekend I decided to dedicate some time to finish her.

    vote much appreciated


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    Sweet holy nipples.

    I like it, lovely skin tones and great NMM

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    Spiders copping a feel! tee hee!

    Nice job! Lucky Spider...

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    Don\'t like the mini, love the paint job so I gave it a 9.

    The silky smoothness of the skin was my main attraction to it, nudity didn\'t hurt but didn\'t affect the rating. :drunk:

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    I\'d like to see a tutorial on the base.

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    Hubba Hubba..now thats what I call a woman :o

    Nice paint job as always :)

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    I agree with Vince...how\'d you do that?

    The spider is so creepy....

    And, without trying to sound like a perv (we\'ve plenty of those already:rolleyes:) that is some amazing nipple work.

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    My girlfriend Federica and I are great fan of your... you transform also sculpture we don\'t like in dreams! :beer:

    Great artist, one day if we\'ll be less poor, we MUST have a fluffy minis at our little house! :rolleyes:

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    The spider is cute in an evil-pet sort of way. The lady is simply amazing, such smooth blends and minute detail - hair and NMM is nearly flawless as well.

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    another amazing paint job by you on a hasslefree mini :)

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    Originally posted by No Such Agency
    The spider is cute in an evil-pet sort of way. The lady is simply amazing, such smooth blends and minute detail - hair and NMM is nearly flawless as well.
    There\'s a spider? :o :D

    Can we get a close-up of the spider? It looks amazing.

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    The spider\'s creepy..

    Another flawless miniature by you.. :) The skin is amazing.

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    wow! fantastic work. Really cool.:cool:

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    :o :o pinch me.

    sweet paint work there fluffly :)

    was it glazes for the tone changes on the skin?

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    smooth as Spider Silk....A mediochre sculpt but a stunning paintjob really brings it to life....love it

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    By the eight legs of the Spider God herself, I have never seen such smoothness! Milky niceness. I\'m flabbergasted.

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    NIce work. Love the skin tones I voted a 9 for it.

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    As already stated the skin tone blends are outstading. The eyes are wonderful as well. I\'m amazed! V&C\'d

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    nice skin tone, very kinky ;D

    great job overall, flawless really

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    Default Skin and Base

    Thank you for all the comments!

    I\'ve finally got round to answering the questions about the skin and the base.

    The colours I used for the skin are Midlund Flesh (P3), Gun Corps Brown (P3)(very similar to graveyard earth though), Scab Red (GW), Regal Blue GW and White.

    The various layers were mixes of all or most of these colours - overly complicated I\'m sure but for the cooler shades I would mix the paint with more Regal Blue and Scab Red. For the warmer areas I would add a little Gun Corps Brown to the mix.

    The highlights were achieved by adding white to these mixes. Lots and lots of milky thin layers until the top highlight is virtually pure white in some areas. That\'s the trick to making the skin look porcelain like - lots and lots of thin layers.

    Sorry i can\'t be more detailed about the skin but my way of painting is quite random at the best of times and I did start this piece about 4 years ago.

    The base was cast in hydra stone. For the mold I cut a cut a prescription pill container in half then used a rubber band to strap to together again before I poured in the plaster mixture. Worked pretty well, I just used a fine sandpaper to smooth a couple of mould lines out once the plaster had dried completely.

    For the marble effect I first sponged on the base colour. Black White and a little Gun Corps brown(P3). Sponging this colour up by adding more white to the mix.

    I then washed this down with various mixes of inks. browns and blues reds mainly.

    The marbling itself is in various colours ranging from black through blue and some red also.
    I roughly painted a squiggly line and then with a springy dry brush I lightly scrubbed the painted line from side to side - feathering it.
    It\'s good to look at piccies of marble to see how the bed of the rock lays and what direction the streaks of colour go in.

    The Spiders web by the way was just scored into the surface before i started painting the base.

    The spiders are just tiny balls of green stuff that were applied after completing the paint work on the stone. Little legs were just painted on last of all.

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