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    i ahve to admit the colours you chose are perfect, they are very nice in compliment, and they work well together with the idea of Ravenwing

    i really like the bike so far


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    This is really coming along great! I think the bike needs to be weathered more but it still looks really good.

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    Here is the finished mini. Some bad pictures because the camera went ape shit on me and started flashing for no reason. A couple of shots with different views.

    @Warzone: I posted an extra special pic for you since you wanted to see the two of them together...See you in December!

    Rip it apart people.........:(

    I just noticed on the pictures that I forgot to paint the comm mic on the helmet(left side still black...) When it is up for voting it will be painted... I got to play with the pictures again before I post for voting.... I can\'t get anything right now days....:drunk:

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    I am thinking about making a little helmet bearer on bike (a mini one) to carry the Lion Helm for the master of the Ravenwing. Any ideas besides GS or plasticard ???

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    superb, the attention to detail is staggering, great stuff electro:D

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    Thanks Mark. I guess all i need to do now is to actually invest in photoshop, and to get a lighting booth or something to make my pictures come out better. Any recent work for you?

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    It might take you a reaallllllyyy long time to finish a mini, but when you do, you do them well!

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    NICE! I really like the mini...but I\'m not sure about the sratches on the head. Looks a bit exaggerated to me.

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    I got sifferent suggestions from people on the head... too clean... now too exagerated... I\'m confused ??? I like it though! Thanks for the comment Milb!

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    I like your Avatar by the way. It is different!

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    Maybe exeggareted is a bit inaccurate. I just think that the scratches are a too strong contrast to the head...
    Dunno, if the \"skull\" is just a painted helmet it\'s ok...just my thoughts.
    P.S. Ava is a renderart I found on deviantart.

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    @Milb: In my opinion, all space marine power armour is made out of the same material and painted the color of the chapter or, in this case the one of a skull. Just my opinion though I once heard that Space Marine armour was made out of a steel and ceramite compound that had a brownish color to it and I went with it :(. Again I did not really take offense to your comment, it just came out a little vague in what you really meant :D. Thanks again.


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    Wow, that\'s one bad ass biker. ;)

    I especially like the way you have highlighted the black without it becoming grey. The freehand is also very well done, and I really like the crisp red on the guns. The weathering is excellent and I love the OSL from the comm link? onto his helmet.

    Super Job, cracking base to go with it! :beer:


    BTW, where is the back pack from? It looks cool! :cool:

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    Back pack is from Cypher The Fallen Angel(Chaos), altred a bit with the iron halo from the SM Commander Sprue, the skull is from the biker flag pole and the fur was sculpted with Green stuff. Thanks!

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    Helmet bearer needs to be in a sidecar, not on a mini motorbike IMHO, a sidecar helmet bearer would rock!!!

    You also need to get these noticed by Games Workshop HQ before they finish Codex Dark Angels, these NEED to be in there!

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    Thanks Oky Dave. That is some pretty strong stuff you said there. I would be so honored if my Ravenwing force ended in the Codex Dark Angels or in a White Dwarf for the Release! The sidecar idea popped in my head \"after\" I finished the Master of the Ravenwing. So I am kinda going for a plan A all over again on how to do it. I was also thinking about making him fly kinda along the side of the CDR, maybe sticking a leg on the pole I put on the base like this...

    A really rough draft,bad colors and all! If anything I would change the colors of the robes and stuff to make it more dark looking, like a little flyer/badass dude helmet bearer ma\'thingy....:D

    Or maybe go with the litle bikey thing....???

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    This really reminds me of a piece Mike McVey did a while back with a chaplain and an Eldar Exile!
    Looks cool!

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    Looks great, that\'s alot of work you\'ve put in there, and yeah, Orky D is right, it more than deserves to go into the new codex, if they don\'t get it in there then it\'ll be their loss as the two bikes look great.

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    Awesome! I think you will shoot up the rankings with this one, he is even better than your other biker, great work.

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    The bike is so Judge Dredd looking love it.DD:cool:

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