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    I considering giving my giant a combover effect, but I want it to look pretty sparse and waspish. Has anyone tried modeling hair with fibre, or something equivolent?
    You know the kind of stuff, like on your sisters (or yours I don\'t know) barbie after 5 or 6 years play....
    I\'m worried that greenstuff will look too solid and bulky.

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    That would be hilarious.

    Why not just use the sisters barbie hair?

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    I still would use some kind of putty. Using hairs and fibres on minis easily look messy and ruins the coherency of the detailing. I would use a putty and make a few strands of hair with plenty of gaps inbetween.

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    Like Homer Simpson style!

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    I would go for either very fine fusewire or even the copper wire that is inside electrical wire.

    You get 4 heads with the sprue so theres 3 to practice on anyway!

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    If you are going to use any kind of hair best to try get some artificial hair like you get in the beauty section at boots where the hair dyes are.....(check my pic and you\'ll instantly see I spend a lot of time in that dept...)

    I would agree with ritual though you maybe best trying with putty..

    If you go with the hair get a dissecting needle or similar..Heat it over the gas ing on a cooker (be careful) and make the hole then push in the strand..takes a lot of patience so good luck and post wip....

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    why not simply paint it on?

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    I think GS hair would work best. You only need like 3 strands and then you need to do a few whispy long bits at the back. Good luck post heap of pics.

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    a combo of the last 2 would probably work best.......tin strands then some careful painting on..

    here\'s a research page for ya


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    @demonherald I don\'t know whether that\'s a comb over or a wrap aroundlol
    I\'d go with the GS and then paint work.
    I haven\'t tried it, but occures to me if you put a minimal amount of putty on, then modeled the 3 or so strands, and then use a brush and plenty of H2O to dilute the putty till the strands were as fine as possible.
    Keep us posted.

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    I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again... If I ever start going bald, I\'m shaving it off! :drunk:

    That being said, go with the GS or wire (or both), two to four hairs likely would look best. Going to fine, like Barbie hair wouldn\'t look right.

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    Originally posted by MPJ
    I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again... If I ever start going bald, I\'m shaving it off! :drunk:
    Me too

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    I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again... If I ever start going bald, I\'m shaving it off!
    Since I was 18 :(

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    Wat you COULD do, is put a thin sausage and flatten it in the desired position, then you could use an ACTUAL comb to score the hairs (Or just use a regular tool lots)

    Just make sure the ends of your hairs aren\'t too regular.

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    Thanks for the comments, all sounds good advice.

    I don\'t know why I didn\'t consider trying out methods on the spare heads. Never occurred to me. I think I will try out 2 or 3 ideas and post them for your derision.;)

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    So at some stage we\'ll see a pic? I hope so I only come here to look at the pretty pics. I would be with the shave my head crowd but Im hoping that wont be for a few years yet.

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