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    Default Pre GD Spain 2006

    I was just wondering if any of the people going to spanish GD would like to share their entries with the rest of the CMONers.

    Thanks, Sam:cool:

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    You will surely see them all after the show but people tend to keep secret what they are working on untill the show to not give away their ideas and work to the competition..and then theres the whole working on it untill 3 hours befor deadline thing too LOL

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    Hi guys, how did the day go?

    Any pictures?

    Who won ?

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    This calls for a trip to the Spanish Team forums! Away Shadowfax! With me men of the west!

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    Default :(

    no pics on spanish forums yet :(

    If I understand the gist of a post there though, it appears Banshee won the sword?

    Can anyone confirm?


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    Yes Banshee won the slayer with a 54mm Mayor Rawne of Gaunt´s ghost.

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    Go Banshee! :D:cool: That\'s his second this year, tying him with Jeremie and Ben Bishop for most in one year!

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    The first winners photos they are bad but there are amazing minis.

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    Default !!!

    well, i think its about time I give up sculpting and painting!!!

    that is so beautiful!!!

    wonderful work Banshee :)


    OMG!!! looking at all the winners:

    DAMN!!! forgeworld SHOULD have made that intead of the keeper of secrets that they ended up making...


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    Wow there are some amazing pieces here... I feel so outclassed whenever I look at the European Demon Winners. :(

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    Oh my gosh. I am the most inspired that I have been since I first came to CMoN. The winners are absolutely stunning. Literally.

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    And here\'s a translation (thanks to babelfish) from one of the Spaniards:

    HOOOOOOLAAAAA CHAVALES!!!!! I finish arriving right now at house, slight day of nerves and tension, alegria and emotion, awaited encounter and surprises inesperadas(that pretty) jeje. First of everything to congratulate to all those that have taken prize or they are golden or mention, so that the truth been has fought and this year has been a level and I number of participants quite high. The second TO CONGRATULATE To ALFON BY ITS SWORD WHICH WAS BOUND To ITS MINI ones SINCE I PUT IT IN the DISPLAY CABINET, UNQUESTIONABLY YOU the MERECIAS, ENHORABUENA TIO, YOU FINISH HAPPENING LIKE ONE OF the GREAT ones OF HISTORY FOR ALWAYS. And the third and but important thing: Many congratulations to ASTURIES TEAM! Todavia we do not create us... first great year hard and beating to jaja. To Cova by his I title of finalist, who although there are quedao to the doors, there are hechao to him eggs like mountains and ace raised but the high thing, if Sir. Single I say that, in a future not very distant, tengais taken care of with the bad girl but of world \"BAD GIRL\", I warn. To Ivan by its great profit in the square of fantasy, muchisimas felidades pocholin, although \"NOT\" you merecias, \"\", which \"NOT\", in serious which \"NOT\" XDXDXD To the fat people of the binoculars, you would seran cabrones, to I do not include them, of course. I say in serious, to leave it you low and the dedicaros ones to the study of the mating of the South African frogs of long neck, jajaja cabrones. many felidades, now if, to every year continue asi of three in three that asi dejais frees the sword pa others jajaja. Thanks Saul and Simon. To they ruben of Oviedo, that to cattle but which has not tried it and that already demonstrates what there is to have and along with his fiancèe above, you are of but smart that I have seen and that it is pleasant to deal with people asi and that I the same say for Alfonso of gijon and his fiancèe To jorgito, by hechar eggs to him and going to free, being his first time in they golden it. And of course to my same jeje that I have gained silver in indi of 40K and 2º in illustration and todavia me I do not create it. thank you very much to all mentioned and of course to toooodos those of the ST by the support and being pleasant and but cojunada people but that exists. 3º year that brilliant me tratais and that is thanked for. Saludete to all.

    Sense what ihst making be?

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    Well that is the most impressive collection of minis i have ever seen in a GD competition.
    Well done to everyone.

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    All very nice, I agree that it\'s possibly the best turn out I\'ve ever seen.

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