Who are the french painters ? What about painting olympics?
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Thread: Who are the french painters ? What about painting olympics?

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    Default Who are the french painters ? What about painting olympics?

    I feel like there are many french speaking painters around and several in the
    top 50... This idea brought me to think about painting olympics,
    with an average ranking per country :idea:

    J\'ai l\'impression qu\'il y a pas mal de Francais ou Francophones dans notre hobby...
    Cyril, Cortez, Benoit... pour ne citer que les plus doues.
    Je me demandais juste qui sont les autres ???
    Pourrait-on echanger des points de vue ou des astuces... Voire organiser
    des jeux olympiques de la peinture...

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    LOL, great idea.
    I even know the results:
    Bronze goes to... France
    Silver goes to... France
    Gold goes to... France

    What\'s the secret of you french guys? Thinning paint with red wine?
    Lookin foreward to see what will happen.

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    Default really like that idea

    As an avid commissioner, I know there are great painters in the UK, France, Finland, Italy, Australia, and certainly in other countries as well. As long as it doesn\'t get too competitive (no flames), I think that\'s a great way to promote the cultural diversity of this site and the hobby in general.

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    Default I\'m all for that

    That\'s a cool idea! I\'m all for that.

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    Good idea. Count me in for Italy and I think that Wolfbane will be another one.

    Paolo :o)

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    I will be in the french team


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    Ill be painting with an american flag on my brush.

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    Great! Here is an other couple of guys for Italy.:D:D

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    You can count the Bulgarian contigent in; unstoppable dreadnaught (small \"d\") that they are.
    Actually, I am going to get a Dreadnaught now and give it cyrillic runes.

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    I´m goin`to sharpen my brushes for Germany.

    (OK, no chance for me, but the olympic motto counts ;) )

    What did you have in mind ?
    Any particular mini ?


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    @ deamonb
    I´ll cover you :D
    It´s time to show the rest of the world how good we really are.
    And, ey, where are all the good german painters? We have really painting gods ´ere in Germany. But are they all to stupid to use a modem to show the absolutely fantastic minis? Really i saw here a lot of very cool minis. BUT WHERE CAN I FIND THEM IN THE NET?

    ach, scheiß drauf (you don´t have to understand this *g*)

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    Default UK!

    Everyone knows that the UK painters are the best! It\'s why everyone comes over to England for the Golden Demons in September...

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