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    Default 40K Imperial Guard Ogr...

    I made a conversion and my friend painted it...

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    Great conversion, idea and brlliant paint job, how did you convert it, Killa Kans or bits and bobs or GS/Milliput

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    Great stuff. Love the conversion and the paint is fantastic.

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    conveniently placed Marine shoulder pad..
    Really sweet looking WIP love the colours ...welcome to the Forums I shall pull up a chair and watch this one with interest.

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    love the skin.DD

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    Great conversion. I have a question though. This sexy legs of his, where did they come from?

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    Originally posted by skeeve
    Great conversion. I have a question though. This sexy legs of his, where did they come from?
    The back and the legs are from a sentinel. And the spine is from a Necron Destroyer - if I\'m not mistaken.

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    MY god! Thats amazing! Are you painting it for a competition?

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    :o:o:o:wow::wow: holy crap!!!! awesome!!!!!

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    NICE! The conversion work is briliant. I really like his mechinical spinal column. And his head...just ...wow.

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    2 angus147258: It was made just for fun... :bouncy:

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    Originally posted by demonherald
    conveniently placed Marine shoulder pad..
    ha! missed that. great piece. lovely painting and an inspired conversion

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    How did you make it? I\'d love to see some tutorials!

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    It was made from ogr body and different parts from my bit box... :)

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    Cool, creative conversion and a wicked paint-job. :cool:

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    That\'s great. You must have too much time on your hands my friend.

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    Awesome, is that really just a WIP?

    How was it constructed? I often see pieces that I would like to emulate but this happens to coencide with a project that I am about to start. Are the legs from a sentinel? They look like very small sentinel legs but I haven\'t actually seen a sentinel model before so I\'m not sure what you\'ve done.

    The only bit that I dislike is the marine shoulder guard as a crotch plate. I never like to see people use these for anything else, as everyone instantly recognises them as shoulder plates.

    I\'d score that 10 if it was uploaded.

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    2 Dammekkos2

    1. legs from a sentinel, but they were shortened fro 10 mm

    2. Shoulder plate is just in place - marines with them look like sh...

    3. Backpack is from sentinell too

    4. Head and bolter are from some Haos plastic model - with 6 legs, I don\'t remember it\'s name...

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    How did you do the ammo feed on the heavy bolter? If I\'m not mistaken its from the razorback kit right? I\'m trying to do a similar thing with marines but the feed is a little short...

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