40K cemetery monuments...
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Thread: 40K cemetery monuments...

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    Wow, that\'s absolutely stunning, definately a 1 of a kind.

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    Very cool! :)

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    Sword is from space marine sprue and the head is Necron one...

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    Wow, cool, i really like the cracked stone on the figure. Are you going to put the cracks on the chainsword?

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    This is absolutely great, I will consider this as some of my new 40k table terrain...

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    Dude, this is exactly what I was thinking of right now.... this is way too awesome. A lot of people forget about the many possiblities of terrain and how big of an effect it can have in a game. I know at least myself, I like to play on a table with nice looking terrain (not bad cardboard buildings...). Great job. I would like to hear from you on a PM. I have some questions. :D The good idea light bulb just lit up...


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    I forgot - \"orange\" is \"Sculpey\"... :)

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    Nice stuff but you should carry the cracks or lines thru the weapon as well.

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    Wow I must say that I like them a lot. Personally as a role player I find that a good location for a battle with items of terrain like what you are creating make the battles all the more fun.

    On another note. . . Sculpey is orange?

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    Great idea and well done but as others said, carry the stone cracks throguh the rest of the figure and it will help add the illusion it\'s monuments.

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    Brettonian helmet with gorget, orks shoulder pads, Haos arms...

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    Wow, these really are great. Is this Sculpey availible in teh UK?

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    Igor, they\'re great, I\'d take them as characters though, they\'re too cool to just be terrain features.
    Where did the monk like head come from on the first space marine statue, ( the one with the power sword)?

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    Methinks its a Bretonian head. From one of the core units.. I think the bottom one is too.

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    2 hubbabubba
    The head is from the Bretonnia infantry as far as I remember...

    Last one tomb: Space marine biker torso and legs, dead (cut off) head from 40K orks boys sprue, one shoulder pad cut in two pieces, 2 different Imperial eagles from 40K tanks... It\'s simple! :cool:

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