Most Important/Influential Mini to you?
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Thread: Most Important/Influential Mini to you?

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    Default Most Important/Influential Mini to you?

    I\'m writing an article on CMoN miniatures, and would like to know what each and everyone of you cite as the model which has influenced your painting the most.

    Provided links are greatly appreciated.

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    I guess one of Arjays minis from his website that eventually lead me to this site. Thanks Arjay.
    <<<<< Heres the link >>>>>

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    The model that made me want to stop painting and yet try harder happened to be Whiz\'s Guardian Angel from reaper way back in the stone age of May 2004. You can still see one pic of it at Darvine\'s website.

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    Default Told this story before, but...

    I found this site by accident after clicking on some links over at the PP forums. Many of the people over there were hosting their pics here. I grew curious, and after cllicking through a couple more I found


    I was blown away, and comunicated with the artist in several PM\'s about what bits were used. I still, however, had no intention of joining another forum. Then I saw


    I liked the character, and left a comment. The artist was gracious enough to PM me to thank me for my comment, and invited me to take a look at the forums to explain the meaning behind the minis title.

    I came, I saw, I conquered. lol

    Or at least got addicted and stuck around, so you can all blame Shaz for my existance here. :P

    Oh, I had been putting paint on minis for about 25 years, but it was this site, and that first masterpiece veiwed, that got me into trying to actually \'paint\' a mini. Not that I have been very successful so far... :rolleyes:

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    I had been out of painting for a while, I had seen this site a couple of times but not really paid it to much attention. Then During a period of intense stress in my life I decided painting would be relaxing but I wanted to see how far I could push myself. I found THIS article and for me it was a revelation.

    I also look at THIS as truely inspiring me

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    Well, The Sophie done by Saxon Angel..

    One of my favourite sculpts, done by one of my favourite painters


    Also, SaxonAngel\'s mini\'s got me into the whole NMM thing (Damm her... lol)

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    The first figure that got me over here was Temperance\'s gelatinous cube (I got the link from the dungeons and dragons message boards).

    However, the figure that has influenced me the most is this one Mrika\'s Harbinger of Bast
    Not the first miniature I had seen on the site by a long stretch, but the one that made me want to achieve something similar, and an aim point.

    I know I\'m not near that aim point, but it is something to keep trying for


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    Well the minis that really inspired me to start painting well and get interested a bit more in mini painting then in game were the painting doctor\'s Desert Dark elf.

    The I fell upon Arjay\'s website and fell in love with all of his minis and eventually discovered a link to CMON. The first page I ever saw of CMON were some bretonians Archers, never been able to find them again though.

    Other great inspiration was Jason richards\' \'s site Here and his article How I painted the forge world abbadon since it was the first time it dawned on me that you had to be willing to put the time and effort in if you wanted a great mini :)

    And then, well cyril and Allan where great inspiration too.

    And thinking of it, I have no clue how I ended up on the forum :P

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    the mini that craved my attention to do a good job was chief librarian ezekiel from the dark angels line made by GW and sculpted by jes goodwin.

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    the most important mini to me would have to be Scotts cyborg.


    The reason behind this is that he posted some of his work on the store i was working at the time forum. This then took me to his web site and then to CMON, and it opened up a whole new world in miniature painting to me.

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    only one word :P

    MAGMATRAX :drool:

    and Nano Grey Knight Dreadnought for inspiration!

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    I stumbled across this site a couple months ago after reading a post over at Hirst Arts. Bruce (the creator of Castlemolds) was asking for mini painters. Some of the members posted their work and I was blown away by the incredible paint jobs.

    I can\'t find the topic (probably deleted), but it was the posts in there that got me started on painting minis.

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    When I got back into painting after a lengthy pause a couple of years ago I began to focus on dark elves because that had been my biggest interest before giving up painting. I found a dark elf forum on the net and used it as inspiration, which was not very effective since most people there were really crappy painters... they were more into the gaming bit. But I did stumble upon a link someone posted to one of Goatman\'s miniatures - THIS ONE - and that\'s how I found CMON. Once I did I soon forgot about dark elves since there were so many cool minis around and much more interesting manufacturers than GW.

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    Thomas\'s Demon Hunter is what really got me started.
    Well, there also was Allan\'s tutorial on how he did his nurgle troll
    A bit later there was this, by thomas as well. These minis remain in my all times favourites. :)

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    The first model I did was the squat with meltagun, but I can\'t find a pic of it. I painted him black and gold and was very pleased.

    I suppose the minis that stick out from the early days would be the old warwalker (with uncomfortable looking pilot), the original Grey Knights and Ordo Malleus, or the pic they used to advertise Epic space marine, reds vs blues.

    I also can\'t find the Epic pic.

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    The original onepieceonepose plastic Games Workshop Wood Elves. I bought them when I was 7 because they looked like Robin Hood. Those were the first minis I ever bought and kicked me into the hobby. Damn you Games Workshop!

    As for minis on CMoN it has to be the Firey Angel. Sheer brilliance.

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    My main influences were both Kim Syberg\'s and Anthony Warrington\'s Space Wolves. I just loved their super smooth, clean and cartoony styles. For a long time I only painted Marines, and mainly Wolves. I showed my girlfriend pictures of their work recently and she stated that my work looks like theirs, which made me very happy.

    Kim\'s work can be found in the SW codex, the awesome Wolf Lord and the Dreadnought are his. White Dwarf 185 also did a feature on his army.

    Some of Anthony Warrington\'s can be found here. White Dwarf did a feature on him in 245.

    I\'d like to get ahold of Kim, he is probably the only artist I would ever buy or commission a piece from. If anyone has any info or knows him I\'d appreciate the help.

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    Default how my family found CMON

    papa played D&D and gave us XP for painting his unpainted minis. Then I wanted a prom dress from ebay. That meant that mom and papa started poking around the minis section for lots of minis. Then we found VikingLodge and his painted minis. his \"About me\" page lead us to CMON and we\'ve been addicted ever since.

    thanks Viking Lodge!

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    The original Harlequin models from GW (box set) acursed GW with all that money that I\'ve been throwing their way for all these years,think what I\'ve could have acompliced ???

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    Originally posted by james sequeira
    the most important mini to me would have to be Scotts cyborg.


    The reason behind this is that he posted some of his work on the store i was working at the time forum. This then took me to his web site and then to CMON, and it opened up a whole new world in miniature painting to me.

    I will agree with James here...Scott\'s cyborg has been extremely influential to me recently...Not only for the fantastic and awe inspiring paint, but it was one of the minis that kind of broke me of my FANTASY only stance on minis...After seeing his cyborg, I began to pay more attention to SF and other Genres of minis...greatly expanding my mini-world.

    It was a similar thing that happened years ago, when I first bought a Citadel Ogre. It changed the way I viewed minis.

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